David Marshall

Soprano Leadership Team

David Marshall

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO and member of the Executive Management Team, David provides strategic leadership for all the financial aspects of the business. Soprano is currently operating in five major regions: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, and David’s strategic direction and insight for the company and leadership for the finance and administration functions of the business play an instrumental role in the business as it expands globally.

David has had an impressive career as a CFO, having been involved at a relatively young age with Mincom, Open Telecommunications (where he led their IPO), and earlier with Banksia Technologies where he completed the reverse takeover of Netcomm. More recently, his international financial leadership experience includes working with some of Australia’s largest public organisations as well as several global high-growth companies. He has helped facilitate the overseas expansion of several companies, and has strong capital raising and structuring experience and experience conducting due diligence on a number acquisitions and divestments.

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