Matthew Murphy

Soprano Leadership Team

Director, R&D and Engineering

As Soprano Head of New Product Innovation and Labs, Matthew’s primary role is exploring new technologies and thinking out of the box for innovation that can help global operators grow their enterprise messaging revenue. With a significant background in SaaS-based commercial software development, Matthew spends his time thinking about the next disruptive project that will shake the enterprise messaging industry. His expertise in highly-scalable, low-latency data-driven applications as well as his strong interest in big data and predictive analytics has helped Soprano to support large, global enterprise software deployments with Fortune 500 companies. Matthew has helped to shape a culture at Soprano based on innovation and exploration responsible for the design of Soprano’s next generation of enterprise messaging products. Matthew brings over 20 years of software innovation experience, having designed and architected global software systems in verticals such as finance, insurance, travel and logistics.

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