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Do chatbots increase sales? 3 Reasons to Use Chatbots for Sales

If you are looking for a quick response: YES, chatbots increase sales. But if you are here to understand how chatbots can help you close deals keep reading because we will explain to you the three main reasons every company are using chatbots for sales. In our recent article about why chatbots are used for … Read more


5 key benefits of chatbots for business and customers

Technology changes our lives so fast that sometimes we don’t realize that many of those fantasies we had years ago about the future are now a reality. Could you ever imagine having coherent conversations with a robot? Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are already part of our daily lives. The benefits of chatbots … Read more


What is Customer Experience? Best practices for large enterprises

Think about two brands that you like so much that you usually recommend them to your friends. Undoubtedly, they have things in common. Maybe, it’s their real-time customer support, their easy and intuitive buying process, or products/services that always meet your expectations. Well, what they have in common is a good Customer Experience. Nowadays, improving … Read more


How to improve communication in healthcare with mobile messaging

The pandemic exposed the need for improving communication in the healthcare industry. While people have more demands and expectations, changing how we design the patient experience is critical. In this article, you will discover how mobile messaging helps clinics and healthcare providers increase efficiencies and enhance the relationship between patients and doctors. Sometimes, the patient experience … Read more


SMS vs Email: 5 Reasons to Use Both in Your Communication Strategy

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you already know that having a communication strategy is critical for your business. You also understand that there are many mobile channels to reach your customers, and you probably want to know which one is best for your business. Discover why you should stop thinking about SMS vs … Read more


3 Reasons SMS is Key to Make a Great Customer Experience

A new year started, and every business seems to be looking to achieve the same: to create a great customer experience. But in 2022, to reach that long-awaited goal, organizations must go one step further and focus on what will really deliver results, sending SMS to customers. It’s no news that customer experience has become … Read more