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Jamie Armstrong

Jamie Armstrong is the EMEA Field Marketing Manager at Soprano Design, he has been working in the company since September 2016 and he is based in Barcelona, Spain. Jamie is a strategic thinker and an evangelist for innovative marketing strategies. Do you want to read more articles about Jamie? Click below or visit his LinkedIn page.

Posts by Jamie Armstrong:


3 Digital Transformation Use Cases for Financial Institutions

To stay ahead in the cut-throat financial services industry, firms need to digitally transform or they will perish. By embracing digital transformation, financial institutions can improve their overall performance, both in productivity and revenue. At Soprano we believe a successful digital transformation strategy aims to provide more meaningful interactions with employees, customers and other key … Read more


Using Interactive Messaging to Create a Moment of Truth in Finance

To support financial firms in their digital transformation efforts, we believe that success lies in the ability to create rich, engaging and meaningful interactions. Each of these interactions can be called a “Moment of Truth”. That moment that will either make or break a business. A moment of truth is crucial for digital transformation in … Read more


Why Finance Organisations Need to Digitally Transform

Digital Transformation in Finance The world of finance is undergoing a digital transformation. From how we collaborate to how we engage customers, radical leaps in technology has revolutionised how we interact and communicate with one another. A recent survey by the Hackett Group reported that 96% of financial institutions expect digital transformation to bring significant … Read more


Infographic: How To Use Text Reminders for Your Business

  Reminding your key stakeholders has never been faster or easier with SMS reminders. Say goodbye to time consuming manual phone calls and emails that go unread, our SMS platform enables you to automatically notify customers of upcoming appointments and remind them of actions you want them to take. By using out sophisticated APIs, SMS … Read more


Soprano GAMMA 4.1 Recertified With Government-Backed Common Criteria Accreditation

  On the back of announcing the launch of the latest version of GAMMA 4.1, the enterprise messaging app has achieved recertification with the highly acclaimed Common Criteria standard for high levels of security and encryption. Soprano GAMMA originally received the Common Criteria certification* in 2016 following an independent evaluation by BAE Systems, a licensed … Read more


Build Meaningful Connections with Interactive Messaging

It’s a competitive world out there. To remain at the front, businesses are utilising multi-channel approaches for their messaging campaigns. Whether it’s email, social media or mobile, the main challenge is to cut through the noise to engage people and ensure your message is heard. Now more than ever it’s important to build trusted relationships … Read more


Introducing GAMMA 4.1

New Visiblity Features for Secure Messaging Now you have the power to decide when your GAMMA messages are deleted How many times do you wish you could delete your sent messages remotely because they contain sensitive information or you simply need to delete all sent items? GAMMA 4.1 now comes packed with a new security … Read more


How to Integrate Business Mobile Messaging

  What is Integrated Business Mobile Messaging? A secure messaging solution can be easily integrated into your business processes through the use of APIs. These enable your business to send SMS to all of your key stakeholders, whether it is a bulk SMS marketing campaign, text reminders for business or application to person (A2P SMS) … Read more


Infographic: The Importance of Emergency Notification Systems

Emergency Notification Systems are a crucial part of your crisis management plan. Speed, accuracy and reach are fundamental during an emergency and SMS can ensure your emergency messages are delivered to those who need it. By implementing an emergency notification system now, you can prevent your organisation from significant reputation and revenue loss whilst maintaining … Read more


Improve Employee Engagement with HR Messaging

Why should you think about your employees’ engagement? Well first of all, an engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Studies by the Gallup Organization have proven that improving employee engagement increased productivity by up to 22%. But what is employee engagement? Quite simply it is employees wanting to come to work, understanding their roles and … Read more