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Justo Hernandez

Justo Hernandez is a Solutions Consultant at Soprano Design. He has been working in the company since June, 2017 and he is based in Spain. Do you want to read more articles written by Justo? Click below or visit the LinkedIn page.

Posts by Justo Hernandez:


How Soprano Is Enhancing Digital Communication in a Post-COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has been transformative in many ways. But in others it has simply accelerated existing trends. Case in point: digital communication. While most of us are now familiar with the user-facing tech – the conferencing over Zoom or collaborating within Microsoft Teams – the foundation of organisational communication is where the starker transformation has occurred. … Read more


The Trends Reshaping Customer Engagement

There has been an explosion in communication channels. CPaaS offers a future-proof solution to the communication needs, giving more opportunities for companies.


Are You Using Communication Tools the Right Way?

Learn how you can take advantage of your software’s full capabilities by enhancing and enriching communications, both internally and externally.


How to Reduce Customer Churn with Omni-channel Marketing

Customer disengagement and customer churn are usually two faces of the same problem – not fulfilling the customer’s expectations. The most common reasons for this are not being flexible enough, looking purely at short-term gains, and basing a business on being a simple commodity, which makes you easily replaceable. Omni-channel Marketing is definitely the greatest … Read more