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Linda Adams

Linda Adams is the US Field Marketing Manager at Soprano Design, she has been working in the company since February 2020, and she is based in Seattle. Linda has proven success driving sustainable lead generation through innovative campaigns and passion for implementing and improving marketing processes. Do you want to read more articles about Linda? Click below to read more articles or visit her LinkedIn page.

Posts by Linda Adams:


Digital Transformation in Financial Services: The Age of CX

The landscape of the financial services sector has been completely transformed by Digital Transformation. Banks are now head-to-head with new, digital-only competitors, reinventing the way they engage with customers. In this article, I explain how this newly competitive landscape is giving birth to innovative digital solutions like CPaaS that enable an advanced approach to creating high-quality customer experience.


Why SMS in Banking helps to Engage +47% of Neglected Financial Customers?

What would your reaction be if we told you that 47% of bank consumers are not engaging with you the way you think they are? And what would you say if we told you that by simply integrating Mobile Messaging throughout your customer journey, you would be able to better engage with those potential customers? Read on to learn more.  The world is evolving … Read more


Keys to Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Simply put, SMS marketing campaigns can be one of the most impactful tactics a business can take. But as with any marketing strategy, the right approach is key. Learn more about how to create an effective SMS marketing campaign here.


Are Finance CDOs Leaving Money on the Table by Not Using SMS?

Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) today are tasked with creating digital customer experiences that enhance a bank’s brand, generate revenue and differentiate themselves from the competition. The pandemic fast-tracked digital transformation initiatives, and now CDOs need to determine which methods of engagement will take them into the future. Growth-focused banking CDOs have dual primary responsibilities: designing … Read more


Introducing TIM Advanced: Advanced Messaging for Advanced Needs

When two long-standing brands continue a strong partnership, the strive for innovation continues to grow and deliver better solutions for customers—who have also had a part in shaping innovation lately. Together, we’ve learned how businesses and their customers should better communicate during this digital transformation renaissance. Customers have also been vocal with companies about who, … Read more


Improving Customer Experience in Finance Through Mobile Marketing

For financial institutions, how well they engage customers and deliver a great customer experience can differentiate them from their competitors. In 2020, COVID-19 forced customer engagement online, and according to Frank Rohde, President and CEO at Nomis Solutions, “post-COVID, the majority of customers will continue to engage digitally with financial institutions.” Mobile already plays a … Read more


Cut Through the Clutter: Connecting with Your Clients the Right Way in an Increasingly Mobile World

Advances in virtual technology have enormously changed the way that companies interact with clients over the last ten years. There has been a clear shift to hybrid communications for businesses, with most organizations now using video calls and conferencing more frequently, alongside other electronic and personal communication channels. And as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, … Read more