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How To Create a Consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Today’s digitally advanced consumers desire a seamless customer experience and brands are looking for the right tools to deliver this experience to their customers.

Soprano Design’s US Channel Sales Director, Asmara Hadi has written an article discussing how brands can create an omnichannel experience that incorporates the right combination of knowledge acquired through analytics, helpdesk, CRM, customer service insights and other such tools. With a well-crafted and executed omnichannel strategy, companies are provided with more personalized marketing campaigns, improved website shopping journeys and better communication with their customers. The key to full success with this approach lies in ensuring consistency throughout every channel.

In the article, Asmara explains the difference between ‘omnichannel’ and ‘multi-channel’, what makes a good omnichannel experience and how to maintain an extensive omnichannel strategy.