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Why Your Business Needs Cloud Unified Communications

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Cloud unified communications (or CPaaS platforms) are helping businesses to drive sales, reduce customer support costs and increase marketing ROI. A CPaaS provides an incredibly cost-effective solution to business communication problems. It enables rich insight into customer interaction and ensures communication cohesion across multiple channels.
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Author: Asha Potla

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Asha Potla is the Director of Product Development at Soprano Design. She has been working in the company since October 2018 and she is based in Sydney, Australia. She has experience in product management and marketing enterprise software. Do you want to read more articles written by Asha? Click below or visit her LinkedIn page.

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¡Asha Potla

Communications are the heart of any organization. Whether internal or external, the way a company communicates reflects its brand and culture. Here’s why your business should consider integrating cloud unified communications.

Effective communication reaches the right audience, at the right time, via the right channel. Achieving this is probably the most common challenge that companies face, but you can only engage in effective communication if you have effective tools.

Among these are cloud unified communications systems (or CPaaS platforms) that enable you to send and manage communications in a way that preserves the context of the communications and ensures the recipients get what they are supposed to, when they are supposed to.

With a CPaaS, you create trusted interactions and trust in your brand, and you manage it all from one place. 

How cloud unified communications overcome key challenges

A major challenge in business communication is how disparate they can be when sent through multiple channels. This often results in duplicate or late messages, or communications that cannot be stitched together. The context of one communication is not carried through the follow-up conversation, which can lead to mistrust and disengagement.

A CPaaS’s omnichannel capability gives businesses the ability to view all communications across multiple channels, in a single view. This provides greater context to the business as they can see previous communications and manage their future interaction with that contact seamlessly.

As the cloud unified communications landscape is moving from a siloed approach to a more integrated and cohesive engagement approach, businesses can leverage these advances to their huge advantage.

Irrespective of channel (SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or Voice) or if it is a simple text or a rich text, a CPaaS platform lets you create, review, launch and measure the success rate of your communications, all from one place.

In addition, the wide range of rich messaging channels combined with varied automated interactions (for example, chatbots) offer a human touch and a more engaging experience for customers, which tends to increase customer engagement overall.

It comes down to how well a CPaaS platform is able to help businesses create/setup, review, trigger and manage these conversations from the initial moment of contact until the end of the conversation.

Cloud unified communications are a cost-effective solution

A CPaaS is a unified communication solution that helps businesses to engage their customers in rich interactions that often become more like conversations, and gives them visibility on the success rate of these engagements. And as many of these channels are free to use, the cost to your business ends up being quite low.

Rich messaging channels such as Apple Business Chat or Google Business Messages, provide a relatively low-cost customer service option when compared to the cost of physical staff.

Soprano’s cloud unified communications platform

Soprano’s CPaaS platform turns ‘mobile Interactions’ into ‘trusted mobile interactions’ by building value in the identity of the sender and recipients, assuring the appropriateness of the content, delivering the right message to the right people on time, and doing it all securely.

Over the past few years, we have significantly expanded our CPaaS product portfolio. Today, businesses across multiple industries, including banking, retail, transport and logistics, healthcare, government and public services organizations, all invest heavily in our communication tools because they enable valuable insight and develop their customers’ trust.

Through our world-leading CPaaS solution, we help businesses to drive sales, reduce customer support costs and increase marketing ROI.

Want to learn more about how cloud unified communications can benefit your business? Our team would love to talk with you.