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Healthcase Secure Mobile Messaging Solutions Hospital messaging systems are everywhere, but few use secure mobile messaging for healthcare communications. With increasingly tight regulations and the proliferation of bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, giving your employees a way to send encrypted messages to you and each other is more important than ever.SOPRANO GAMMA employs security best practices recommended by HIPAA and NIST for data in motion and data at rest, representing the best platform for secure mobile messaging in the healthcare industry. A PIN-protected mobile app, remote wipe and message expiration controls add additional security best practices that go above and beyond the standards recommendations. All of this can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud, and in a fully auditable environment.Soprano’s secure messaging systems are used for over 50 million mission-critical messages a month. Our partnerships with major mobile network operators ensure our ability to handle volume spikes and provide fast delivery and high availability.

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How Soprano Can Help Your Hospital or Medical Facility

  • Protect personally identifiable information (PII)

    Allow doctors, nurses, staff, specialists and responders to communicate securely and reliably without revealing patient information – no matter where they happen to be – using a messenger that’s encrypted with AES-256 symmetric key encryption and HIPAA 164.312(a)(2)(iv) compliant.

  • Automate appointment reminders and confirmations

    Send automated reminders and reduce failure-to-attend rates by allowing patients to reschedule or provide additional info right from their phones.

  • Plan ahead for emergencies

    Create a robust emergency messaging system and improve continuity of operations with pre-populated message templates and contact groups, then trigger alerts from any web browser any time you need them.

  • Communicate quickly, easily and creatively

    Soprano now supports several large-scale global messaging customer deployments and operates locally in 4 major global regions: Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. Few messaging providers can rival Soprano’s experience and resources in supporting a global mission-critical enterprise messaging use cases.

  • Include your community

    Extend programs to your entire community to improve awareness, motivation and adherence – and even let recipients respond with questions or feedback.

  • Fill shifts fast

    Use smart text messaging to automate your staffing and shift fulfillment. Available candidates can respond with the push of a button, and get reminder emails or texts before their shifts begin.

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Communicate Easily and Securely

Rapidly send time-sensitive information via SMS or IP messaging to groups of people anywhere. SOPRANO GAMMA allows your employees to chat securely inside or outside the hospital to protect personally identifiable information.

  • Secure Intra-Hospital Messaging

    Allow doctors, nurses, staff, specialists and first responders to communicate securely and reliably without revealing patient information – no matter where they happen to be.

  • Prepare for Urgency

    Create message templates and groups in advance. (For example, you might create templates and group lists for hospital staff groups, doctors, specialists and first responders.) Or, import group lists and contacts from your existing hospital IT systems.

  • Ensure Rapid Response

    Trigger alerts from any web browser at any time, day or night, no matter where you are at the time – even from your mobile device. Quickly deploy time-sensitive information to the right people.

  • Adapt to any Situation

    Add customised multimedia content such as images, audio messages and video to broadcasts and use Soprano MEMS to combine group lists, request delivery confirmations and view real-time reporting during an event. Send ad-hoc notifications any time, or schedule automatic delivery of pre-written or pre-recorded broadcasts.

  • Manage Ongoing Situations

    Provide communication both during and after an event. SMS is a powerful way to verify worker safety and status, and Soprano’s “Are you OK?” StaffSafe application can track responses and automatically escalate if no response is received (based on duration rules you establish).

Healthcare Staffing Tools
Healthcare Appointment Management

Send Reminders & Confirmations

Soprano MEMS sends automatic reminders to ensure your candidates don’t forget they committed to the new shift, which helps ensure the shift is successfully covered. Use SMS alerts to reduce your failure-to-attend rates due to forgotten appointments and lengthy waitlist queues.

  • Send Automated Appointment Reminders

    Easily handle appointment changes and send automated appointment reminders to patients to improve failure-to-attend rates and shorten waiting list queues.

  • Automated SMS Reminders

    Automated SMS reminders are a proven tool for reducing failure-to-attend rates. SMS removes the need for costly phone calls and, unlike with email, the messages will reach your patients wherever they are with their mobile phones.

  • SMS Appointment Management

    Reduce failure-to-attend rates by allowing patients to cancel, reschedule or provide additional info right from their mobile devices. Their responses are captured and automatically processed, then updated in your scheduling systems.

  • Manage Long Waitlists with SMS

    Help manage – and even reduce – long waitlists and queues by automating status updates and re-confirming appointments at certain intervals via SMS. Patients can also interact with your systems via SMS to confirm or reschedule appointments.

  • Integrate SMS into Hospital Systems

    Soprano MEMS integrates with most hospital scheduling, calendar and contact database systems. Extend your scheduling capabilities to include SMS for appointment management.

Automate Shift Fulfillment

Supplement your current staffing software with Soprano’s Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS) to easily share and fill open shifts for on-call staff, nurses, caretakers, temporary workers and contractors.

  • Pre-Define Worker Groups Create unlimited worker pools to target available workers, with configurable availability for each candidate.

  • Automate Shift Offers Send automated text messages to offer shifts to only available candidates.

  • Fill Shifts Quickly Allow candidates to accept a shift offer by simply responding to an SMS. MEMS awards the shift to the first to respond, and politely notifies everyone else that the shift is filled.

Health Crisis Management
* Design custom SMS programs that go beyond the walls of the hospital.



Powerful Healthcare Solutions

  • Awareness Programs

    Whether you want to create interactive awareness campaigns like “Text DIABETES to ### learn more” or target blood and organ donors with a campaign like “Text DONATE to ### get more info,” the possibilities are endless!

  • Motivation & Adherence

    Automatically schedule SMS messages with infant immunization reminders, remind patients to pick up prescription medicine after their appointments, or promote nutrition programs with campaigns like “Text NUTRITION to ### for monthly tips.”

  • Daily Operations

    Use SMS to remind patients of payments due or updates to insurance claims or send messages like “Your laboratory results are ready to view at {URL}” you can even let staff alert you whenever inventory is low in different rooms with a text that MEMS automatically routes to the right destination.

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