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Choose Soprano as your enterprise-grade messaging platform to secure your mobile communication and avoid costly security breaches.

secure enterprise messaging
Product Overview

Trust in an industry leader in secure enterprise messaging

Mobile security solutions for highly regulated and secure organizations.

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ISO 27001:2013 Certification

Our CPaaS platform is certified in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, LATAM, Asia, and the US.

ip access control

IP access control

Prevent cyber criminals who have stolen login credentials from accessing your messaging portal from an unapproved IP address.

2fa and sso

2FA and SSO

Allows organizations to implement additional layers of security on their platform applications.


Numerous Independent 3rd-Party Security Verifications

Awarded ISO 27001 certification in Australia and the UK & IP Messaging backed by ISO 15408 (Common Criteria)

  • Our offerings hosted in Australia and the UK have been awarded ISO 27001 certification, an international standard outlining best practices for information security management systems.
  • Our infrastructure has been verified through an independent audit to meet PCI DSS v3.2 security requirements.
  • Our web applications have been validated by independent audit as meeting or exceeding industry common security practices.
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Why do you need a secure enterprise messaging platform?

We have entered a new era of cybercrime. Post-pandemic mobile fraud is more complicated than ever, and it’s increasing at an alarming rate.

Your customers and employees are conducting their activities exclusively on mobile, accessing vital information from multiple devices and locations, and using their phones for personal and work activities.

The costs of cyber-attacks could be high for your business. Did you know that even a minor breach can cost $1M, and a severe breach can run as high as $100M+?

Don’t settle for your existing mobile messaging product features; you need a secure messaging solution with particular focus on security and compliance that can protect both you and your audiences.

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features & capabilities

Features & Capabilities for secure communication

Protect your employees and customers using a secure communication platform with the best security features for your business.

Content Masking (Full or Partial)

Secure the content of your text messages by immediately masking it to anyone viewing the details of the message in the portal, in reports, or in exports.

IP Access Control

Soprano Connect administrators can restrict access to IP addresses that are pre-approved and pre-defined in the platform.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users can integrate Soprano Connect with their Identity (IDP) Servers to authenticate their corporate users when logging in to Soprano using their corporate credentials.

Fraud Prevention API

This API uses provider-side data and platform reporting to tackle SIM swapping, SMS roaming intercept fraud, and artificial traffic inflation. 

Simple Template Messaging

Define standard templates to be used across your organization to send messages. It restricts access to the advanced functionality of managing message templates.

User Content Visibility

Both administrators and standard users can select user data in an enterprise account for any selected company or sub-company, orders, dashboards, a user or all users.

Consent Management

Use Consent Management to set preferences of target audiences for messages sent out in the portal and monitor/control the level to which messages get sent to recipients.

Legacy Blocklist or Allow-list

Filter destinations where messages are sent as part of standard OPT-OUT or OPT-IN management for broadcast messaging for all messages sent via all channels from the platform.

Messaging data encryption

Encrypted data at rest and in motion to reduce the risk of security breaches. Use HTTPS or FTPS for enhanced data transport security. Encryption options for SMS transmittal, including via IPSec, VPN, and TLS v1.2

Secure authentication for enterprise

Protect your business with Soprano Authenticator

two factor authentication

Our two-factor authentication software enables your employees, customers, and suppliers secure access to online services. It creates and delivers one-time passwords (soft tokens) via SMS to authorize online virtual private network (VPN) access or financial transactions to reduce fraud and improve network security.

Two-factor Authentication benefits includes:

  • Reduced probability of an Internet attacker gaining access to an account, resulting in fewer security breaches.
  • Lower total costs of disruption.
  • An additional protection option that can be advertised to account holders; having this option available reduces the reputation risk following a security breach.

Why Soprano?

Soprano is an industry leader in security and fraud prevention for mobile messaging. Our team of security experts and consultative delivery is the partner and platform you need to prevent costly security breaches.

Choose a messaging platform hosted in an industry-leading private cloud data centre. Soprano is used by many Global Fortune 500 companies and more than 1,000 other enterprises and Government organizations worldwide. Customers are from Government agencies, Financial Services, Healthcare, and other security & compliance-driven industries.

As a trustworthy cloud-based platform, we have the right set of features to help you protect your messaging at multiple points in the communication chain.

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