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A Smarter Communication Strategy Has Become Critical

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Soprano Design’s Chief Technical Officer, Mohamed Odah is a member of Forbes’ Technology Council which is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTO and technology executives. Forbes have recently published an article written by Mohamed which approaches the topic of the new normal and how we’ve now entered a new era of communication. COVID-19 has created a need for remote working communication, crisis management, incident alerts and constant safety checks.

Mohamed’s vast experience as CTO of a CPaaS provider gives him the advantage of witnessing first-hand how the pandemic has affected businesses in the way they communicate, not only their customers but also with their employees. The article discusses the need for accuracy, consistency and relevance of information at all times, especially during the unprecedented, difficult times we’re living through currently.

Earlier this year, millions of businesses from all over the world were suddenly entered into a state of panic. Usual day-to-day activity came to a halt and new obstacles arose including; cancelling or amending thousands of appointments, sending urgent emergency updates and alerts, checking on employee and customer safety and amending communication and digital strategies to fit a remote-working environment. In the article published by Forbes, Mohamed discusses these obstacles, amongst the many others businesses are currently facing and he explains how a solid communications strategy can help organisations adapt to the new normal.

Soprano Design commissioned a report with 451 Research, which indicates that 63% of large organisations will invest more in communication and collaboration technology than they did prior to the pandemic, and employee communication tools topped the list of technology they felt they needed to increase investment in.

For CTO’s to help their companies remain relevant, they must form a new, solid strategy about what their firm’s new-normal engagement will be and how they will adapt their communications strategy to meet their consumers new, emerging demands. As Soprano’s CTO, Mohamed has identified several critically important ways businesses can remain relevant and ensure they’re adapting their strategies to fit the new normal. Read the full article here.

About Mohamed Odah

Mohamed Odah is the Chief Technical Officer at Soprano Design, he has been working for the company since October 1998. He oversees product development, platform expansion strategies, integration of new technology and service capabilities, and the design and delivery of innovative platform evolution along with solutions and services to support Soprano’s rapid global growth into additional geographies and businesses. Do you want to read more articles about Mohamed? Click below to read more articles or visit his LinkedIn page.