WhatsApp Business API: Chat with your customers on their favourite app

Choose Soprano as your WhatsApp Business API provider and start engaging with 2M+ active mobile users. Discover how easy it is with our WhatsApp Business solution.

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Product Overview

WhatsApp Business API opens a new world of interactions

Engage with the WhatsApp community of 2M+ active mobile users

easy integration api

Easy integration

Integrate your IT systems through our REST-based Template API and scale your communications with configurable message templates for bulk messaging, 2-way decision-tree tools and easy management of lists and consent.

verified account whatsapp for business

Verified account

Your verified business profile will show your clients that they can trust you. You can bring your own number to our WhatsApp Business solution – either mobile, landline or toll-free.

boost engagement whatsapp channel

Boost engagement

Share and receive texts and web links, and customize your messages. See precisely when your messages are delivered, read and behavioral data.


Why should you use WhatsApp Business API?

Your customers are waiting for you in the channel they love.

175 million people send messages to WhatsApp for Business accounts every day. As the most used messaging app worldwide, WhatsApp enables businesses like yours to provide more personalised and meaningful interactions.


WhatsApp is an essential mobile app for 88% of young adults. (LMK)


43% of your consumers are willing to pay more for a pleasant and meaningful experience (PWC)

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features & capabilities

WhatsApp Business API features and capabilities

Choose Soprano as your WhatsApp Business solution provider and start using our unique WhatsApp messaging capabilities.

real time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

You can view the status of your WhatsApp campaigns and cancel, pause or resume them as required.

whatsapp for business sms fallback

SMS Backup

You can define an SMS message as a fallback in case your destinations cannot receive WhatsApp messages.

message templates for whatsapp

Message Templates

You can create and store message templates to use them as often as necessary.

WhatsApp for business API use cases

Unleash your communication with WhatsApp Business Platform

Send important notifications

Deliver accurate information to the right person, such as purchase or order confirmations, One-time passwords (OTP), abandoned shopping cart reminders, appointment reminders, emergency alerts, and more.

Have relevant bidirectional interactions

With a WhatsApp business account, you can have meaningful conversations with your customers to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments; facilitate customer satisfaction surveys; ask for service ticket or package delivery status, and more.

whatsapp important notifications
whatsapp bidirectional conversation

Why Soprano?

By choosing Soprano as your WhatsApp business solution provider, you can add all the capabilities of WhatsApp to your existing CRM and IT Software.

Our WhatsApp API is easy to integrate and requires low coding. You can manage your communications without having to make any changes.

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Ready to start using WhatsApp Business?

We are here to help you strengthen your customer communication by unleashing the power of WhatsApp for Business. Stand out and foster loyalty by reaching customers on their preferred channel. Fill out the form to talk to an expert now!


We’ll find the right solution for you.


Obtain helpful resources about WhatsApp API.


Receive WhatsApp pricing options.


Empower WhatsApp with an omnichannel customer experience



Fast and engaging, SMS messaging has higher read and response rates than other channels.


Voice Messaging

Use automated voice messaging campaigns to engage with audiences on any type of phone number.



Improve interactions at scale using email A2P messaging.



Send richer, more impactful and engaging mobile messages with the same global reach as traditional SMS.


WhatsApp for Business

Improve your mobile strategy and keep up with your customers who prefer engagement in social channels.


Conversational AI

Boost your customer experience by having real-time conversations with your customers where and when they need it.

google for business

Google Business Messaging

Interact with your customers from Google search results, Google Maps, Google Ads, and your brand website.

ip messaging

IP Messaging

Streamline workflows and deploy a patented, secure IP-based mobile messaging solution.


All you need to know about WhatsApp Business API

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Can I send Marketing campaigns with offers?

No. WhatsApp Business API is a channel created and focused on delivering valuable interactions. You can provide automated customer support and helpful information, but you cannot send high-volume marketing campaigns using WhatsApp.

How do you make sure I can't send a message with offers?

For a first communication message with your clients, you must send a message based on a template previously approved by WhatsApp. We help you build the templates that meet the required requirements aligned with the WhatsApp approach.

Must the messages with my clients be based on templates?

When a client has contacted you, for example, by sending you a message like “hello” or “help”, a 24-hour interaction window opens that allows the exchange of messages with your client regardless of the content.

What does Soprano offer that other companies don't?

We are a company with more than 27 years of experience offering software and communication solutions. We have a global presence which allows us to provide 7/24 coverage in terms of monitoring and support. Our global presence allows us to be at the forefront and implement innovative solutions required by the market.

How do I start with WhatsApp for my company?

Our team of experts can help you get started. We can support you with a WhatsApp configuration that suits your company. Get in touch with us today to get started.


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