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  • What is Google Business Messages? 3 key points you should know

    Statistics say that Google process over 63.000 searches per second. That’s approximately 5.600 billion searches daily. Do you think that having a Google Business Profile is enough? Of course not. But with Google Business Messages is entirely different. There, you can support, chat, and sell directly to customers and prospects who are looking for you on Google.
  • 5 key IVR use cases in the banking industry

    The banking industry is undergoing a complete transformation. While financial customers move online and more digital-only competitors appear on the scene, traditional banks are focusing all their efforts on adopting new technologies to deliver a great customer experience. IVR helps to meet all that challenges. Ready to learn more about IVR in banking?
  • What is conversational AI? 3 reasons why it’s here to stay 

    Do you remember when you make your first phone call? I’m sure it was a moment that marked your life: a before and an after. Communication is evolving so fast that it seems like centuries have passed since the first telephone arrived in our homes. Now, conversational AI is the must-have every business wants (and needs).