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A Global Financial Institute Improves Response Time and Resolves IT Incidents Faster

A leading independent financial service provider based in the UK with over 800 employees located and operating throughout 14 regional offices worldwide. Discover how we helped them.

A Local Government Improves Efficiency in Staffing Process

This local government city council has 26 childcare facilities that provides care for 4,000 children each year. They offer long day care, preschool and programs for children up to age 12. Their childcare vacancies are available for permanent, temporary and contract staff. They were using phone calls and emails to schedule occupancy of employee shifts.

A Primary Healthcare Provider Improves DidNotAttend (DNA) and Patient Response Rate

This organisation is one of the biggest healthcare network in the world, catering to a population of over 54 million and employing around 1.2 million people. Of those, the clinically qualified staff include doctors, general practitioners (GPs), nurses and health visitors. It deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. They were using phone calls to reach and rebook patient appointments.

A Parking Meter Company Improves Communication and Employee Productivity

A customer of ours who’s a contractor for a local government facilitates over 6,000 parking meters, consisting of “smart” (connected) and traditional (unconnected) meters that are integrated with local councils for billing. Previously, for “smart” meters, consumers had the option to send a text message to an SMS shortcode to fund parking meters and receive an SMS confirmation.

One Retailer Increase Sales and Strengthens Consumer Loyalty With Enterprise SMS Campaign

A premium retail brand leader in fashion and style that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport lifestyle brands. It is a world leader in apparel and accessories. They were using traditional print advertising and email marketing to promote apparel and other merchandise.

How A Retailer Increased Revenue With An Effective Mobile Customer Journey

Today no bricks & mortar retailer can survive without an online presence, especially when price-conscious customers are seeking out online discount codes to reduce costs. Recently a large retailer noticed that they were generating a high rate of cart abandonment from lower-priced merchandise. After analysing this further, they discovered that the main reason for abandonment was delivery cost. Discover how our platform was able to help.

How One Biz Used GAMMA to Increase Employee Productivity

After struggling more and more with payroll and remote employee timekeeping issues, the owners of one burgeoning small business decided to increase employee and business productivity the easy way.

Video Case Study: Plumpton Education Community

Plumpton Education Community has partnered with Telstra to implement Telstra Integrated Messaging, powered by Soprano, as a system communications solution.

Telstra Integrated Messaging Powered by Soprano Case Study – NAB 2 Factor

NAB Banking uses Telstra Integrated Messaging powered by Soprano to meet the security needs of its customers. Learn how!

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