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Mobile Messaging for Transportation & Logistics

Reach & Communicate Faster

Logistics Messaging Solutions

The Challenges for Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies want affordable way to reach and communicate with employees and customers  around the world.  These companies are now looking at the potential business benefits of deploying digital mobile interactions to overcome most common challenges:

  • Customer service issues
  • Reduced Operational Capacity
  • Managing Employee Safety
  • Unreliable Communication System
  • Reduced in Productivity

The Solution: Transforming Transportation & Logistics with Trusted Mobile Interactions

Soprano’s omni channel interactive messaging solution offers businesses with connectivity tools that are easily integrated with their existing IT systems without increasing operational cost. It offers a range of intelligent APIs to connect and send automated inbound and outbound messages on a preferred channel and format.

The unified communication platform features global reach and high-redundancy performance for transportation and logistics companies. It empowers companies to automate communication and provide relevant information anywhere, anytime, and with the right outcome.

Our digital solutions bridge the communication gaps faced by drivers, field workers, and customers and has proven to improve productivity with the connectivity tools (APIs) for sending and receiving real-time information.   Embrace  API integrated messaging with:

Mobile workforce Communications
logistics communications

Communication Orchestration

logistics system integrations

Communication Integration

Logistics policy governance

Policy, Governance & Control


Logistics Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Logistics incident management

Incident Management

logistics platform consolidation


Logistics analytics reports

Analytics and Reporting

Respond Rapidly During a Critical Incident.

Enhance your business continuity plan with SMS

Challenges Solved

Our four most popular challenge solutions are listed below.

3.2 Icon Challenges Solved

Team Collaboration

Manage teams and groups of operations workers. Sync with existing operations systems to automate and integrate SMS as a proven productivity tool for sending and receiving real-time information.

3.2 Icon Challenges Solved

Customer Service

Increase delivery efficiency and customer happiness with automated delivery notifications and reminders on the channel of their preference – Voice, Email, SMS, IP  Messaging 

3.2 Icon Challenges Solved

Employee Communications

Improve operational efficiency and remote monitoring using integrated SMS alerts, email, and IP messaging to communicate with your existing devices and logistics personnel

3.2 Icon Challenges Solved


Integrate A2P mobile messaging solutions with your existing IT system and automate manual process to improve efficiency and reduce operational cost.

Featured Transportation & Logistics Use cases

Trusted Mobile Interactions

Logistics team communications

Logistics Team Collaboration

Manage teams and groups of operations workers. Sync with existing operations systems to automate and integrate SMS as a proven productivity tool for sending and receiving real-time information

More Info

    Allow employees to request common parts and supplies using a pre-set form – no more typing in complicated codes or long requests.


    Allow workers to report slow-moving or low inventory at the touch of a button. Automatically trigger reordering when stock falls below set levels to reduce the need for large inventories.


    Receive daily product quantity requirements updates – from almost anywhere to anywhere – for better production and distribution planning.


logistics efficiency

Efficiency and Driver Safety

Empower drivers and improve communication with dispatch alerts, rapid-response broadcasts, and pre-configured messages

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    Use mobile messaging to reliably communicate where your products are in transport (e.g., received, cleared customs, loaded, on truck/flight/ship, arrived). Allow workers to report status with the touch of an on-screen button.


    Allow workers to use a secure mobile messaging app to log hours, report their location, report low inventory levels, or flag slow-moving items to central inventory and IT systems.


    Send dispatch alerts to drivers for re-routing and weather updates, and allow them to send you notifications of traffic jams, accidents, road dangers, and closures. Automatically escalate if remote workers don’t respond.

logistics customer service

Customer Service

Reduce failed delivery attempts with delivery alerts and allow customers to confirm and change deliveries.

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    Eliminate multiple delivery trips with automated messages to customers to check availability for parcel delivery.


    Send automatic payment reminders and confirmations as well as package tracking, reminder, and delivery notifications.


    Create opt-in SMS programs, mobile coupons and discount offers (e.g., VIP programs, new product announcements and first-to-know event promotions).

Transportation & Logistics Using Trusted Mobile Interactions

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A logistic company  solves productivity challenges with Soprano’s secure IP interactive messaging app that allows the company to use mobile workflow messaging forms to automatically broadcast jobs to available technicians who are in the right geographical area. 

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Here are three ways companies in the logistics space are taking advantage of modern mobile messaging to lower risk, increase employee productivity, and make internal communications more efficient.

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In an industry where time equals money, around 3,000 hours are lost each year due to inefficient workflows and communication methods. This is mainly because time cumbersome phone calls and emails are used to relay critical communications.

Automate with Programmable APIs

SMS API integration to power your business processes.

protect confidential mobile information


Use HTTPS for API connections to provide secure logins via 2-factor authentication, FTPS for transferring lists and IP messaging for encrypted 2 way communications.

two way logistics messaging


Access a comprehensive 2-way communications platform through a single user interface for inbound and outbound secure mobile messaging.

Incident Management for logistics


Prepare for incidents by creating templates, group lists, and workflow messages – or import lists and contacts from existing systems to send emergency alerts. 

Mobile account services


Reduce the number of customer support calls with SMS account management to automate how you send automatic payment reminders and announcements, and provide secure account access with 2-step verification. 

logistics smart integrations


Integrate secure and encrypted mobile messaging features with existing IT systems using REST, SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, XMPP, location, group/contact, Java, or .Net.

mobile administration


Access powerful real-time and scheduled reports, filtered across the entire organisation, by contact group or by individual user.