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Adapting to a “New Normal” where effective communication has never been more important

The Challenges for a Secure Messaging in Healthcare Institutions

In this digital economy, patients are expecting  relevant information from their healthcare providers on their own convenience, whenever they want, and on a channel of their preference.  Some of the most common challenges healthcare institutions are facing:

  • Outdated staff and patient communication tools
  • Integration with existing hospital systems
  • Managing patient care
  • Poor internal communication
  • Archiving and auditing messages from different channels
  • Too much time spent on administrative and documentation
  • Security and data privacy

Solution: Secure Healthcare Messaging

Through Soprano’s omnichannel communication platform, medical teams can communicate, reach and coordinate with physicians, nurses and patients in real time. Our trusted interactive messaging platform adheres to recommended best practices to provide a secure mobile messaging solution that can become part of a proactive IT security program designed to minimise the risks and costs associated with service disruptions.

With a range of Smart APIs, integrating with your existing IT or EHR and EMR system is simple.  Automate communication and workflow processes throughout the facilities to bring together the on-call staff, nurses, and caretakers along with the capability of intelligent escalation rules.

Hospitals and healthcare systems are using interactive messaging to  digitally transform and impact the future of how healthcare providers engage and communicate. Save time, gain productivity, and improve quality of patient care with:

Soprano GAMMA
Healthcare Communications

Communication Orchestration

Healthcare Communications Integrations

Communication Integration

Healthcare mobile policy

Policy, Governance & Control

Healthcare Mobile Security


Healthcare Mobile Automation

Workflow Automation

Healthcare Mobile Incident Management

Incident Management

Healthcare Mobile Consolidation


Healthcare Mobile Analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Omni channel and SMS Healthcare

Leverage Interactive Messaging to Bridge the Gap

Healthcare Messaging benefits

Our four most popular challenge solutions are listed below.

Patient Alerting & Reminders

Engage your patients in a cost-effective manner. Create unique two-way mobile interactions with your patients in real time


Reduce failure-to-attend rates by allowing patients to cancel, reschedule, or provide additional info right from their mobile devices

Operational Cost

Integrate our A2P mobile messaging solutions with your existing hospital scheduling and contact database systems. Automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce operational cost

Secure Messaging

Improve quality of communication among employees with GAMMA, a secure enterprise mobile messaging app that has received Common Criteria certificate, for high levers of security and encryption

Secure Texting for Healthcare Use Cases

Trusted Mobile Interactions

Healthcare Messaging

Healthcare Staff Messaging

Use IP messaging app to enable doctors, nurses, specialists, first responders and other staff to communicate inside or outside the hospital with a secure communication tool

More Info

    Create message templates and contact groups to increase efficiency via SMS during an emergency response. Implement different templates for various healthcare staff groups.


    Send ad hoc notifications and schedule automatic delivery of broadcast messages. Use the online messaging platform to combine group lists, request delivery confirmations and view real-time reporting during an emergency alert.


    Monitor the safety of your healthcare workforce. The StaffSafe application tracks the status of a worker and can escalate an issue if no response is received from an employee after a period of time.

Patient reminders confirmations

Patient Reminders & Confirmations

A recent study reported that up to 25% of missed appointments can be reduced using SMS, removing the need for costly phone calls by directly reaching the patient’s mobile wherever they are

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    Reduce failure-to-attend rates by allowing patients to cancel, reschedule or provide additional info right from their mobile devices. Go beyond your existing scheduling capabilities with effective mobile appointment management.


    Implement an interactive patient messaging service to manage queues and reduce long wait lists. Responses are captured, automatically processed and updated in your scheduling systems.


    Integrate our innovative A2P mobile messaging solutions with your existing hospital scheduling and contact database systems. Automate processes to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Healthcare Process Automation

Process Automation

Streamline manual staffing processes by quickly sending open shift offers to on-call staff using SMS. Saving you time, the platform automatically sends automated text messages with the shift details,

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    Create unlimited staff groups to target available workers, with configurable availability for each candidate.


    Allow candidates to accept or reject a shift offer by simply responding to an SMS. The platform awards the shift to the first person to respond, updates your systems, and politely notifies everyone else that the shift is filled.


    Our intuitive platform enables automation staffing by offering regular open shifts automatically and reminding candidates about their shift before they start.

Healthcare Messaging Resources and Infographics

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Case Study

This large healthcare provider caters to a population of over 54 million and employs around 1.2 million people. They deal with over 1 million patients every 36 hours.  They improved patient response time by deploying Soprano’s 2-way reminder

Blog Post

Where SMS is really driving value is with automated patient appointment reminders. For example, in the UK, missed appointments are a huge problem for the healthcare sector the produce an enormous cost.


 Thinking about using SMS and mobile messaging to benefit your healthcare institution? The following infographic summarises how your business can reduce the number of failed to attend appointments, improve staff communications and decrease emergency response times.

Automate with Programmable APIs

SMS API integration to power your business processes.

Encrypted Healthcare Messaging


Enable doctors, nurses and healthcare teams to communicate whilst protecting patient information with AES-256 symmetric key encryption which adheres to NIST-recommended encryption standards and have Common Criteria Certification. 

Automate Healthcare reminders


Use SMS to manage appointments with automated reminders and allow patients to cancel, reschedule or provide additional information direct from their mobile phones.

Critical Incident Notifications


Replace pagers with a robust 2-way messaging app to send rapid emergency broadcast notifications and time sensitive messages throughout the hospital.


Healthcare Staff SMS solutions


Send shift offers with SMS to reach available on-call staff, nurses, caretakers, temporary workers and contractors – who can confirm or decline at the push of a button.


Engage your patients at scale with encrypted text messaging. Create unique two-way mobile interactions with your patients in real time. 

Integrated with IT Systems


Integrate mobile messaging with your existing healthcare IT systems using REST, SMPP, SMTP, WCTP, SNPP, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP/WSDL, FTP, XMPP, location, group/contact, Java, or .Net.