Secure Mobile Messaging for Education Environments

Soprano’s trusted communication solutions ensure students, schools and parents can stay safely
connected and communicate instantly with confidence.

Regular and reliable communication relies on proven, trusted solutions

SOPRANO MEMS (mobile enterprise messaging suite) and SOPRANO GAMMA (an award-winning, encrypted interactive mobile messenger solution) provide collaborative two-way communication for educational institutions including;

Meeting Your First Response Communication Needs

Our Soprano encrypted mobile messaging app provides a reliable and easy platform for teams to easily and quickly communicate vital information during a crisis, emergency or incident.


Send pre-set workflow messages requiring just a single status ‘tap’ response


Response teams sent GAMMA alerts over emails or voice respond quicker


Teams can monitor communication engagement in real-time.

The Art of Great Communication

Not all conversations are easy to have. Sometimes you need to share sensitive or serious information.

Thanks to years of experience Soprano understands the needs of those in the education sector. We know how much staff and management rely on easy, quick and secure ways to share information with students and parents – no matter where they happen to be – and on whatever device. And when you’re time poor, or in the middle of an incident, it’s reassuring to know that the important messages you’ve sent have been delivered and read.

Let our solutions help create a culture a great communication at your school or institution.

Reliable Communication to Manage Relief Teacher Staffing Requirements

Send quick, automated messages to relief and substitute teachers at short notice. Help them easily 
step into classrooms with curriculum clarity and alleviate temporary teaching gaps.

One-Touch responses

Use GAMMA workflow messages to offer one or more classes to substitutes directly to their device and enable them to respond with a quick tap on their screen

Automated Reminders

Send automated reminders before classes to ensure substitutes remember each class.

Customised Groups

Create endless substitute groups by subject, availability and other criteria to quickly reach them.

Managing Urgent Communications

Testing communication channels and messaging templates is critical for robust crisis preparedness. Every minute counts in a crisis and having group lists and templates prepared saves time and ensures the right people get the right information at the right time, and in the right way.


Keep your crisis management team, assessment team, emergency operations center, public information team, medical services, and other stakeholders up to date throughout an emergency.


Create templates and group lists in advance: for example, your different templates and group lists for your students, teachers, first responder staff, and parents. Or, import group lists and contacts from existing school IT systems.


Quickly deploy pre-configured and time-sensitive information to the right people via their preferred mobile medium (SMS, email, or voice). Send broadcasts from any web-enabled device.


Trigger alerts from any web browser, on or off school premises at any time of the day or night. Add customised content, combine group lists, and review requested delivery confirmations and real-time reporting. The system will track all responses, automatically escalate if no response is received based on duration rules you establish.


Provide ongoing communication after an event. Send ad hoc notifications any time, or schedule automatic delivery of pre-written or pre-recorded messages to appropriate recipients.

Enabling Parent-Teacher Communication

Collaboration between teachers, parents, students, staff, and administrators is complex and challenging.
Move your school beyond traditional methods with true, simple two-way communication with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Online Portal

Access the messaging portal from anywhere. Easily establish custom user permissions and role-based account views (e.g., admin-level, teacher-level).


Add two-way messaging and alerting capabilities to almost any existing school or IT systems using smart APIs.

Keyword Enabled

Let users enter keywords like “Debate Club” or “MySchool Info” to get instant information.

One-Touch responses

Choose from SMS, MMS, email, or voice broadcast and add names and other information automatically for personalised delivery to each recipient’s medium of choice.

Smart Routing

Easily capture and route replies from parents or students back to the sender or to appropriate inboxes.


Schedule messages and reminders to be sent automatically one or more times during the day, week, or month.

Enabling Students to Report Bullying

Allow students, parents or anyone else to send anonymous inbound texts to report bullying in school, cyber-bullying, or other sensitive issues. A school administrator can then take immediate action without exposing the source or further jeopardising the students’ situation and reputation.


Anonymity has been proven effective in encouraging reports of bullying and other crimes. TIM’s 100% anonymous helpline empowers students and helps to create a safer and inclusive learning environment for your school.


Messages are routed straight to school officials and are immediately actionable.


A confirmation message is sent to the sender to acknowledge the information was received, and assurance is given to the sender that all messages are anonymous.


Many students and parents are reluctant to raise issues such as bullying and other sensitive topics with school administration out of fear of worsening the problem or being ridiculed. Avoid this issue with a 100% anonymous, two-way dialogue (100% anonymous) can be optionally initiated to obtain further detail from the sender.

Efficiently and Securely Managing Urgent Communications

Designed to make communication easy, reliable, and intelligent with High-availability mobile messaging solutions for education.



Soprano’s award-winning mobile enterprise messaging systems are evolved to allow flexible control over just about every parameter involved in delivering a mobile messaging experience. Soprano’s mobile chat application enables a rich, multi-media messaging experience that can enable encrypted and compliant mobile innovation.


Soprano solutions enable an integrated IP + SMS mobile messaging experience with rich, multi-media capabilities and powerful options for security and compliance. Soprano currently supports more than 25 of the Global Fortune 1000 companies, including numerous large global high-volume deployments.


Soprano’s mobile messaging platforms can be integrated with your network IT services and are designed as a scalable, robust and secure mobile messaging gateway, hosted in a mission-critical environment. Today, more than 50-million messages are sent annually through the platform globally on Soprano’s proven intelligent, geo-redundant, and feature-rich software platform that has demonstrated the ability to handle volume spikes and maintain high availability with low message delivery latency.


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