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Education Mobility Solutions

Omnichannel Communication for Educational Institutions

Interact with the entire educational community through mobile channels

Academic mobile messaging

The Challenges for Educational Institutions

The educational community goes beyond an institution, it involves students, parents, teachers and administrative staff. Educational institutions must implement channels to interact with all members of this community to build on relationships and to establish trust.

The challenges for educational institutions include:

  • Increasing catchment indicators
  • Reducing dropout rates
  • Increasing two-way communication between students and teachers through secure channels
  • Implementing mobile communication channels in emergency plans
  • Delivering timely reminders to parents and students
  • Delivering urgent alerts and notifications

Solution: Implement an Omnichannel Interaction Solution within the Education Sector

Soprano’s Omnichannel Platform forms a basis for those in the education sector to communicate reliably and securely with students, parents and employees. The platform allows for two-way mobile messaging using multiple channels, and it can be easily integrated with existing IT systems to allow for information to be shared and triggered appropriately. The Soprano platform gives educational entities a competitive advantage, offering a solution they can easily implement.

By offering SMS, Voice, Instant Messaging, Email and WhatsApp; our Omnichannel approach allows educational institutions to reach more of their community.

University Mobile Messaging

Each channel we offer can be used for different purposes and they all complement each other to achieve a multichannel strategy:

  • SMS

    98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes and SMS is supported by all mobile phones.

  • Voice

    Create an attractive and personalized immediate interaction, in addition to allowing interaction through IVR (mobile phone number keypad options)

  • WhatsApp 

    Take advantage of the world’s most popular chat application to improve the experience of students and parents.

  • Instant Messaging

    Send and receive multimedia content and easily integrate with your existing IT systems.

  • Email

    Distribute a lot of information in a single notification.

Academic communications orchestration

Communication Orchestration

academic communications integration

Communication Integration

academic mobile policy governance

Policy, Governance & Control

Academic Mobile Security


Academic Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Academic incident management

Incident Management

academic student messaging


academic mobile analytic reports

Analytics and Reporting

Leverage Omnichannel Interactive Messaging to Stay Close to your Educational Community

Increase confidence in your educational institution and strengthen your reputation

Education Mobile Messaging Solutions

Our four most popular challenge solutions are listed below.

Recruitment of new students

Applying an omnichannel approach to your marketing strategy can directly increase the number of students that enroll. Promoting your academic offering through the right channels, to the right people will help improve your recruitment drive.

Continous communication

Ensuring you have continuous communication with students and parents throughout the school year will increase the confidence the community have in your institution and will in turn reduce dropout rates.


Implementing an omnichannel solution within your emergency plans allows your educational institution to be better prepared for every eventuality, since every second counts in an emergency. Likewise, it will provide peace of mind to the entire community by knowing that if there’s an emergency they will receive a message to their device of choice, and they will be able to reply for more information.

Student-Teacher Communication

Instant messaging applications, such as IP messaging open a direct communication channel between teachers and students in a secure and controlled environment. This channel is used for personal information and queries such as confirmation of exam dates, coursework deadlines and more.

Featured Education Use Cases

Trusted Mobile Interactions

Education Marketing

Educational Marketing

Omnichannel communication can be used in your marketing plan to promote your academic courses and the things that differentiate your institution.

More Info

    Give potential students and their parents the information they need to make a decision on whether they want to study at your institution.


    Create and distribute regular surveys to your community to determine how satisfied they are with your institution. You can send these surveys across several channels to ensure you receive a high response rate.


    Allow for constant two-way communication with your community to keep them informed of important dates, achievements, student benefits and others.

Emergency mobile planning

Emergency Plans

Plan ahead and create a communications plan to implement in an emergency. By sending a message in bulk you ensure you reach your entire community in seconds, which instantly reduces risk and the impact an incident can have on your reputation.

More Info

    Efficiently send emergency notifications to the educational community with precise instructions to execute an emergency plan


    Quickly notify your community of last-minute changes, such as a change of start time or an event cancellation.


    Communicating instantly with those who need to attend the emergency is vital and will reduce impact and recovery times.

Improved interactions mobile

Improving Interaction

Mobile interactions have been shown to improve teacher-student, teacher-parent, student-institution and parent-institution communications.

More Info

    Instant messaging applications, such as IP messaging, open a direct communication channel between teachers and students in a secure and controlled environment. This channel is used for personal information and queries such as confirmation of exam dates, coursework deadlines and more.


    Educational institutions can use omnichannel communications to send payment date reminders, meeting reminders, last-minute notifications (such as institution closure or transportation delays), notifications of return dates, emergency notifications and others.


    Mobile communications allow parents to be more involved in their children’s academic and disciplinary processes. It allows the parent-teacher communication to be fluid and introduces a confidential way to discuss absences, illnesses, academic problems and more.

Educational Institutions Implementing Trusted Mobile Interactions

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