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Messaging Api

Our Programable APIs are designed for you to integrate multiple capabilities and functionalities of our cutting edge CPaaS Platform,  Soprano Connect directly into your IT systems quickly and easily.

Automate your communication processes by quickly integrating all the mobile channels available in Soprano Connect and interact with your audience through omnichannel messaging including; SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Voice calls, Email, and secure IP messaging.

Accelerate your software solutions to the next level by incorporating communication capabilities to better connect with your customers and employees, manage incidents, and include additional levels of second-factor authentication access security to your solutions.

Discover how 3 companies mastered the art of SMS API Messaging

Programmable Messaging APIs made easy with Soprano

Soprano’s Messaging APIs will provide all the tools required to send and receive messages from within an application, and will enable programmable functions to tailor the message to the customer.

Customised Conversastions

Unique Programable APIs that can be integrated into all channels

Simply integrate Soprano’s programmable API’s within your existing IT systems and software.

Comunicacion Escalable

Minimum impact to your business with maximum effect

Efficiently integrate Soprano’s programable APIs into your communication channels without having to make major changes to your existing IT systems and software.

Messaging Integration

Low-Code Integration

Soprano’s range of powerful low-code APIs make integrating mobile messaging easier. This allows you to design logic that can respond to almost any business requirement for a fraction of the cost.

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Integrate with our broad range of ‘Smart APIs’

Soprano’s programable APIs can extend new messaging capabilities to most existing IT systems as well as new/future applications. We offer an online portal for API administration and an advanced range of API/protocol capabilities:

Sample Code Snippets

  • VB
  • Perl
  • PHP

Available Protocols/APIs

  • REST
  • HTTP(S)
  • SMPP
  • SMTP
  • FTP

Easy Integration into 3rd Party Systems

  • Business Support Systems
    (ERP, HR, CRM, WFM, OSS)
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Marketing Automation Systems

Integration-ready Code Libraries

  • Java
  • .NET

Developer Guides

Professional Services Available to expedite projects

Empower your communications capabilities with the Soprano Connect APIs


HTTP API is used to send out messages. It is the simplest API offered by Soprano. It supports both HTTP(s) GET and POST methods. The Authentication supports either username and password in its parameters, or Basic Authentication.


Voice API is used by Users to send out voice-based messages to their target audience. Primarily used when the intended audience needs easy to hear and sensitive info, text-to-voice messages etc. Couple this with Inbound if Voice IVR functionality is involved.


This API is intended for customers interested in using Soprano Connect’s Authenticator application and integrating it with an external system, such as a network address service. It is expected that the audience is familiar with the HTTP protocols. Authenticator API is intended to be used for OTP use cases.


SMPP API is the fastest API offered by Soprano. It can send and receive messages. It does require the User to have SMPP related technical skills to write the client program in order to connect to Soprano to send and receive messages.


The Template API supports two channels: SMS and WhatsApp.

Users can take advantage of the Template feature to organize templates in Soprano Connect and send them out and receive message.


RapidAlert REST interfaces is intended for RapidAlert Users interested in sending time sensitive critical messages. A basic knowledge of the REST architectural framework, HTTP protocol, and JSON, XML is a minimum requirement.


SMTP API is a simple API offered by Soprano for those users to utilize the existing emailing function in their system.


Contact API is used exclusively to create, view, update and delete a User’s contact base.


Choose the REST API when sending messages in bulk to multiple recipients via batch processing. Get in touch with our Solution Consultants to find out the optimum way to make use of the REST API to suit your requirements.

Conversations and Omnichannel with Soprano Connect APIs

Manage and hold conversations with your customers through different channels on a consistent basis. With Soprano Connect’s communication APIs, you can include all mobile communication channels and interact with your customers without your employees and customers losing the context of the conversation.



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IP Messaging


Voice API


WhatsApp API

Sms Deliverability


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Email API

Sms Connect Api

SMS is the most commonly used communication channel and with higher open and read rates than email. Our integration API is easy to implement with very few lines of code.

  • Send MT messages
  • Receive MO messages
  • Send messages to groups or lists
  • Receive DLR
  • Query SMS messages
  • Cancel SMS messages
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Send SMS to multiples recipients
  • Reply Control & Management
  • Protocols: HTTPS (GET/POST), SMPP, WSDL, SMTP (email2sms).
Learn more about the benefits of SMS Automation
Ip Messaging Connect Api

Send and receive instant messages to your employees through our Soprano GAMMA corporate communication solution.


  • Send MT (mobile terminated) IP messages
  • Receive MO (mobile originated) IP messages
  • Multiple types messages, text, images, audio clips, forms and submitted forms data
  • Encrypt/Decrypt all messages
Voice Connect Api

Make automated calls from your IT systems to connect with your customers and receive responses from them based on numeric keypad options. You can make calls with prerecorded audio, text-to-speech and provide one-time password (One Time Password).


  • Text-to-speech personalized or generic Voice calls
  • Voice calls attaching a pre-recorded audio
  • Voice calls for sending OTPs
  • Voice calls with IVR
  • Trigger voice calls using pre-created Call Control Objects
Whatsapp Connect Api

Establish meaningful conversations with your audience through the most popular Instant Messaging solution to enhance your customer experience. Send and receive text, image, video and audio based messages to and from your IT systems.

Users can take advantage of the Connect API feature to organize templates and send them out and receive messages. Can be used for:

  • Send, Query and Cancel message using both HTTP(s) and REST.
  • Multi-destination delivery
  • SFTP Batch Processing for sending large requests.
  • Send WhatsApp Business Messages via Portal and Connect API
  • Support SMS fallback if fails to send to WhatsApp recipient
  • Supports WhatsApp template messages
  • Send text (with merge variables), audio, videos clips and files
  • Opt-out stop keyword processing
  • 2-way WhatsApp conversations via portal and inbound or via Connect API
  • Low Code – create WhatsApp message templates in the portal and send via the Connect API
Rcs Connect Api

This new technology enhances the reach of SMS by adding multimedia capabilities to establish more meaningful communications with your audience.

Soprano Connect API interface can be used to send, receive messages by sending HTTP requests as URL-encoded form or through a JSON payload. A record of all messages sent via the Connect API interface is recorded in in Soprano Connect Suite and can be accessed via the web or other reporting interfaces.

  • Delivery to one or more destination.
  • Send message using both HTTP and REST
  • Send RCS messages via portal and Connect API
  • Supports SMS fallback if fails to send message to RCS recipient
  • Support RCS carrier interconnect
  • Send text (with merge variables), text with suggested replies, cards with suggested replies, carousel with suggested replies
  • Opt-out stop keyword processing
  • 2-way RCS conversations via portal and inbound or via Connect API
  • Low Code – create RCS message templates in the portal and send via the Connect API using the created RCS message template

Email Connect Api

Once you have created your email templates within the Soprano Connect portal, you can use them via an API request to deliver notifications to your customers.

  • If an 3rd party application supports SMTP to send SMS then its just needs to be configured to points to the Soprano Connect Settings
  • Email client agnostic, support any email client or browser based email client. TLS 1.2 and supports GDPR requirements
  • Send Emails via portal and Connect API
  • Rapidly design email via the portal EMAIL builder – supports text and HTML email creation and templates
  • Both text and HTML emails support merge variables to personalise emails
  • Support attachments
  • Support Op-in and Opt-out consent management
  • Low Code – create EMAIL message templates in the portal and send via the Connect API using the created EMAIL message template

Accessible Prefabricated Solutions via API

Soprano Connect has developed additional solutions to enable our customers to get the most out of mobile communications

  • Integrate our 2-factor authentication solution to increase security when accessing your platforms. Authenticator manages the one-time password management logic.
  • Within the portal, you can configure the length of the OTP, the type (numeric, alphabetical or alphanumeric), the validity time, and the maximum number of attempts allowed to make a match.
  • The Authenticator API allows you to request the generation and sending of an OTP to a recipient via SMS and validate the OTP once the user enters and sends it.
  • Our solution is seamless and easy to use, therefore there should be no concerns around implementing the OTPs administration and management logic for your platforms.


  • Generate and send Static OTPs
  • Validate a Static OTP
  • Generate and send Dynamic OTPs
  • Validate a Dynamic OTP

We can minimize the impact of incidents by being prepared for them and reducing response times.

Soprano has developed an incident management solution through SMS communication. This tool allows the creation of incident response templates on the web portal, predefining message recipients and content.

Through the RapidAlert API, you can trigger predefined communication alerts to minimize response times and incident impact.


  • Create/Read/Update templates
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Groups and Group contacts
  • Create/Read/Update solution preferences
  • Create/Read/Delete group preferences
  • Create/Read/Delete orders
  • Close a RapidAlert order
  • Send “all clear” message.

An innovative capability that allows you to send SMS from your email manager. You can send notifications from your email to your previously created contacts to be reached via SMS.


  • Secure SMTP over TLS 1.2
  • Email client agnostic, supports any email application or browser-based email client
  • Supports 1-way or 2-way SMTP and Deliver Receipts with configurable formatting.
  • If a 3rd party application to SMTP to send SMS message, then configuration only is required to set the EMAIL2SMS endpoints.
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Programmable Messaging APIs made easy with Soprano

Soprano’s Messaging APIs will provide all the tools required to send and receive messages from within an application, and will enable programmable functions to tailor the message to the customer.

Low Coding

One of the great advantages of Soprano Connect’s APIs is that the content, as well as the creation and the processing of the message response, is managed through the portal by creating templates. No code is required to create and manage content, making it easy to integrate your IT systems with your team of developers. Low coding will mean that you have to write fewer lines of code and that the API will be focused on sending the message – making the work of your development team more efficient.

Content Control

With Soprano’s API’s you will be able to create templates in the portal, which enables control over the content of your messages as well as the processing of responses. The lines of your code will focus on the template by delivering only the required parameters. This way, your team of developers will be able to concentrate on making the requests to send the message, reducing the probability of errors associated with the content.
You will be able to easily make modifications to the content directly in the templates, reducing time spent that would normally be invested in the revision of the lines of code as they will remain the same.

Basic Bot

You can make use of our inbound solution to execute actions based on decision trees. The portal will enable you to easily generate decision trees, which you can then include in the API request, and efficiently manage the responses of the recipients of the initial message.

Decision trees manage decisions through keywords or regular expressions. They are designed so that you receive the responses sent by your recipients from communication channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, and RCS directly into your IT systems.


Soprano Connect APIs allow you to maintain and manage consistent conversations across all channels and get the most out of Omnichannel messaging. With the easy integration and management of two-way communication, your customers will be able to switch from one channel to another without losing the communication context, improving their experience.

Automate Processes

Process automation is one of the core benefits of connecting your IT systems to Soprano Connect through its communication APIs. This will reduce operating costs, increase productivity and minimize communication times. Soprano Connect APIs are designed to easily incorporate communication capabilities in situations where human interactions could be an obstacle. An example of this is when operational notifications must be sent almost immediately without the involvement of additional stakeholders.

The Same Context

Soprano Connect APIs allow you to manage all communication strategies from your IT systems. By integrating with Soprano Connect through its APIs, your employees will be able to take advantage of multiple Soprano Connect capabilities from the software environments that they normally would manage without the need to switch context. This means avoiding the need to switch from one software tool to another. Your employees will be more productive by having communication capabilities in the same software that are implemented in the Soprano Connect web platform.

Users & Cost Centers

Regarding consumptions and costs, Soprano Connect APIs allow you to have multiple users and cost centers associated for better management of your communication strategies. This enables our customers to have multiple user accounts with access to Soprano Connect to take advantage of its communication capabilities. This makes it easy to clearly differentiate the consumptions of your departments and other associated dependencies.

Near real-time monitoring

All traffic between your IT systems throughout Soprano’s integrated channels can be monitored in near real-time directly on the portal. All communication transaction records can be tracked by applying filtered searches.

Centralized administration

Manage user account permissions and roles that will be able to use the API features. This allows our customers to determine cost centers associated with those accounts, as well as the capability to activate or deactivate users.

Centralized administration will allow you to have better control of message templates and reduce the probability of typing and writing errors. You will be able to generate periodic and automated reports based on previously established search criteria that can be delivered directly to an email inbox or to an S / FTP / S server.

Protection and Compliance

Soprano Connect has implemented capabilities to ensure the security of information residing on the platform. It has protocols to ensure the security of information on the way to and from your IT systems. Our APIs also have implemented features that restrict the visibility of information transmitted through mobile communication channels.

Discover the benefits of the conversation APIs into your business

See how companies like yours use our APIs

At Soprano, we work globally with clients in a variety of industries, using our programmable APIs for many different purposes. Below are some examples:

Appointment and reminders

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Scheduling system communications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment amendments or alterations

Security and Compliance

  • Two factor authentications
  • Secure communication platform
  • Sending and receiving sensitive documents
  • Maintaining compliance and privacy controls

Urgent notifications

  • Crisis management
  • Worker safety
  • Patient notifications
  • Banking security notifications

Marketing and sales communications

  • CRM updates
  • Promotional marketing messaging
  • Lead nurturing
  • Sales outreach

Updates and Confirmations

  • Dispatch and delivery updates and confirmations
  • Booking confirmations
  • Contact centre communication
  • Billing confirmations

Education and Awareness

  • Student engagement
  • Charity outreach
  • Government awareness programmes
  • Surveys

Internal Communication

  • Remote work communication
  • Workplace transformation
  • Employee satisfaction and wellbeing
  • Internal staff communication tools

We’re excited to see what you create with Connect API!

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What is a communication API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a series of software code that allows commands to be enabled by alternative applications. This allows two (or multiple) applications to be integrated and to be interactive with each other.

What are communications APIs? An essential part of your digital transformation strategy.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is essentially a framework and structure for requesting and sending responses so that both programs can understand and process the data being sent.

APIs are often used to integrate two or more systems and are commonly used as plug-ins. This means that the API has been developed to utilise certain commands between the two platforms.

A powerful and Programmable API will provide a diverse assortment of commands for these messaging APIs. API messaging and  system integration capabilities that enable the Soprano platform to communicate across multiple platforms to form powerful workflow solutions.

Learn more about API messaging

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Why businesses choose Soprano for API Messaging

Soprano Connect is a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) profiled by Gartner is their 2019 CPaaS market guide

Our award-winning cloud-based enterprise platform integrates IP, SMS, MMS, voice and location into a secure business mobile messaging experience.

Soprano products are used by over 25 Global Fortune 500 companies, and are actively integrated into leading financial institutions, government agencies and top-100 companies around the globe.

Soprano send more than 6 billion mission critical messages per year, from over 4.5 million active users.

We focus on providing a solution which provides our customers with high engagement rates and results. Our team of experts based across the globe are ready to help you with your business requirements.

Soprano Connects’ Customers

Soprano Design have 6000+ customers globally across APAC, EMEA, LATAM and the US.

Our customers range from large corporations to independent companies across every industry possible including Government, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics.

Get in touch to discuss how to get started with our APIs.

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