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Automated Voice Message Campaigns

Use voice messaging to engage and interact with your mobile users

What Our Platform can do for Your Organization

We provide a Trusted Mobile Interactions Suite

Voice Calling Campaigns


An automated voice call is a complementary and easy-to-use communication channel to improve your company’s interactions with customers and employees. From any web browser, you can send high-volume voice call campaigns to a large volume of destinations.

automated voice campaigns


Easily manage and control your voice messaging campaigns with multiple administrative options and manage lists, consent and processing.

multiple voice options


We provide multiple options for sending mass voice call campaigns, such as text-to-speech, pre-recorded audio and password delivery by case-sensitive differentiation.

A2P Voice Calls

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Management of voice call campaigns based on pre-loaded list (up to 20MB).
  • Text-to-speech calls with personalized or generic content.
  • Multiple languages supported. Male and female voice available.
  • Pre-recorded audio playback in MP3, WAV, WMA, AMR, ALAW, GSM formats.
  • Delivery of passwords through text-to-speech calls, with case-sensitive differentiation.
  • Interaction and decision trees through IVR.
  • Ability to send voice interactions (calls) to landlines or mobile lines.
  • Use of multiple sources as recipients of SMS campaign (lists, groups, contacts, copy and paste).
  • Apply filters to recipients based on white lists and / or blacklists.
  • Scheduling of voice call campaigns for single or recurring sending with a time limit of execution.
  • Storage of campaigns for later launch, use as template or deletion.
  • Graphic report in real time of the voice call campaign execution.
  • Pause, cancel and resume controls for voice call interactions campaigns.
  • Sending voice call campaigns segmented by number of records and time interval.
  • Create recipients lists with multiple variables and include those variables as part of the voice call campaign report.

How Automated Voice Calls can Help Your Organization

Relationship with Customers

Send generic or personalized voice calls to your clients for loyalty, special offers, among other options.

Appointments Confirmation, Cancellation or Rescheduling

You can send a personalized text-to-speech voice call, indicating the date, time and place of the appointment, as well as giving the user, through IVR, the possibility to confirm, cancel or reschedule it.

Fraud Prevention

Send one-time passwords (OTP) through a text-to-speech voice call, repeating the audio as many times as you want so that the user has the possibility to understand it. Voice calls with OTP can be prioritized within our platform.

Satisfaction Surveys

From your IT system (CRM, ERP), as soon as a user has received their services, generate a voice + IVR call that allows the user to rate the service received. This is easily achievable through our integration API.

Payment Reminders

Do generic or personalized voice calls to your clients to remember payments, defining amounts, expiration dates, etc.

Automated A2p Voice Messages
Soprano Connect Api Features

All our platform’s power, easily integrable through our APIs for empowering your systems

Integrate your IT systems with our platform to improve interactions with your customers and / or employees through Voice Calls. We provide easy integration APIs through HTTP and REST protocols that include all channel capabilities such as text-to-speech, pre-recorded audio, IVR and password delivery.