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Help customers, support staff and sell your products using our Conversational AI platform. It’s configurable, scalable, and easy to use.

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Product Overview

Build the best AI chatbot using our no-code platform

Engage your visitors with conversational chatbots and start having the ROI you deserve. 

Workflow automation, ticketing, live chat, RPA and more together. 


Create without limits

Build text and voice chatbots with no code but advanced modes for customisation. Integrate it into any REST APIs and web-hooks.


Be everywhere

Deliver end-to-end conversations in 60+ languages across 30+ channels, including websites, MS Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger and more.


Achieve success

Monitor custom metrics and data of every functionality to get insights and improve effectiveness.


Why should you invest in Conversational AI?

A framework for all Conversational AI and automation. For any industry, location, and language.

Conversational AI works with a powerful combination that is hard to beat. Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), powered AI chatbots have the intelligence to understand the users’ intent and needs and quickly give them the right answers they are looking for.

The “human touch” – without the need for real agents – combined with effective and real-time answers take your customer experience to the next level. That’s why 40% of internet users prefer to interact with chatbots than human assistants.


Chatbots help companies to increase sales by 67% – Intercom


Chatbots could save the healthcare, banking, and retail sectors $11 billion annually by 2023. – Juniper Research

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features & capabilities

Conversational AI Platform: Features and capabilities

A framework for all conversational AI and automation. For any industry, location, and language.

Easy to use

Integrate our AI platform into any REST APIs and webhooks and use it across your different departments, languages, and use cases.


Our no-code chatbot is simple enough for non-developers but has advanced modes for deeper customisation.


Our conversational AI platform is ISO27001 compliant. It’s perfect for enterprises and governments with multiple deployments and security configurations.

Designed for Success

You will never be alone. Our highly trained team will ensure your chatbot’s success, from the initial build to analysing data to make improvements.

use cases

Use a conversational chatbot across your entire business

Customer Support Chatbot

Boost your customer experience by allowing your visitors to get answers in a matter of seconds, automatically handle time-sensitive situations, and receive constant feedback.

Sales chatbot

Enhance your sales efficiency by getting sales-ready leads and presenting customers with the product or service that suits them.

HR chatbot

Create automated experiences to filter candidates, provide an interactive onboarding process, schedule interviews, and help your employees.

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Why Soprano provides the best chatbot platform?

Soprano goes beyond conversational automation. Our AI conversational platform allows you to create engaging and personalised customer experiences combining machine learning chatbots in no-code, easy-to-implement and user-friendly software.

We can integrate with anything – APIs, data, services, channels, languages, software – to make your assets more efficient.

Plus, you can take advantage of our CPaaS Platform or communication APIs to engage your customers by adding new mobile channels to your strategy.

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Start using our Conversational AI platform now!

With over 28 years of expertise, Soprano is your best option for integrating conversational chatbots into your communication strategy. Fill out the form to talk to an expert.


We’ll find the right solution for you.


Obtain helpful resources about conversational AI.


Receive voice pricing options.


Empower a chatbot software with an omnichannel customer experience



Fast and engaging, SMS messaging has higher read and response rates than other channels.


Voice Messaging

Use automated voice messaging campaigns to engage with audiences on any type of phone number.



Improve interactions at scale using email A2P messaging.



Send richer, more impactful and engaging mobile messages with the same global reach as traditional SMS.


WhatsApp for Business

Improve your mobile strategy and keep up with your customers who prefer engagement in social channels.


Conversational AI

Boost your customer experience by having real-time conversations with your customers where and when they need it.

google for business

Google Business Messaging

Interact with your customers from Google search results, Google Maps, Google Ads, and your brand website.

ip messaging

IP Messaging

Streamline workflows and deploy a patented, secure IP-based mobile messaging solution.


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