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Secure Messaging Platform

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Enterprise Secure Messaging

Security breaches cause service disruptions, data loss, and reputation damage that add up to significant costs for businesses. Even a minor breach can cost $1M, and a severe breach can run as high as $100M+.

The average cost of a data breach has gone up from about $1m per incident several years ago to $4m+ (USD). Also the time to recover is 200+ days. (Source: IBM – Cost of a data breach)

  • $53k per minute: Average cost of a minor service disruption. The total cost of a 20-minute disruption averages $1m due to downtime & idle time, technical support and forensics. Repeated disruptions magnify this cost.
  • #1 reputation threat: Data breach & data theft. Nearly 90% of all IT executives agree that protecting intellectual property is a top priority among security management activities deployed.
  • $100M+: Potential cost of a major disruption. Major disruptions include the costs of any minor disruption, but spread over a greater timeframe and often include crippling reputation or non-compliance costs.

Enterprise grade protection

Soprano adheres to NIST-recommended best practices to provide a secure mobile messaging solution that can become part of a proactive IT security program designed to minimize the risks and costs associated with service disruptions.

Messaging Data Protection