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IT POLICY & Controls

Communications Data Governance

Levers and settings for enterprise messaging IT permissions, hierarchy & visibility

Messaging Policy Enforcement

Our platform is a sophisticated enterprise messaging control center, with highly configurable and hierarchical administrative settings designed to give the right access to the right people to increase confidence that the right business outcomes can be achieved for SMS, email, voice, and IP messaging communications.

Messaging Policy

Messaging Controls for Precision 

A sophisticated suite of applications and tools to assist with governance

messaging platform user management

User Management

Role-based user management and license allocation allows the Admin to manage the user experience for categories of users.

messaging platform user management

Localisation & Language Settings

Easily change the language of the portal to provide a fully localised experience for admins and users.

messaging platform user management

Hierarchy and Data Views

Hierarchical data and visibility management. Create accounts and sub-accounts with different views for operators, customers, sub-customers, and users.

messaging platform user management

Consent Management

Ensure recipients of SMS, voice, email and IP messaging have provided consent, with opt-in and opt-out capabilities allowing you to to comply with GDPR, anti-spam and similar regulations.

messaging platform user management

Time Zone & Open Hours

Adjust the portal’s time zone based on users’ geographical location or preference, and set open hours and blackout hours during which mobile messages either can or cannot be sent.

messaging platform user management

Permissions Management

Permission & consent management provides the Admin with controls to create rules to govern user access, usage, visibility and reporting views.

messaging platform user management

Access Control

Create whitelists and blacklists to enforce security policy to block unwanted traffic or to ensure the right messages can get through.

messaging platform user management

User License Allocation

Admin privileges that allow allocation of user and admin licenses in bulk, with configurable settings to ensure an optimal user experience in the portal and for API messaging.

messaging platform user management

Cost Centre Controls

Define and allocate specific cost centres from which messages are being sent and establish limits on messaging credits, enabling cost categorisation and precise cost control

messaging platform user management

Source Address Control

Control the source address when sending SMS, voice, email and IP messages.