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Retail Mobile Messaging

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Retail Mobile Messaging

The Challenges for Retail

As customer needs and expectations continue to evolve, traditional retailers are struggling to keep up with changing consumer demand and behavior. A seamless, personalised experience is becoming an important part of the retail eco-system. Some of the most common challenges retailers are still facing:

  • Lack of multi-channel technology to reach consumers
  • Security and data privacy
  • High operational cost
  • Expensive traditional marketing tools to engage users
  • Managing staff schedule
  • Integrating with existing systems

The Solution: Transforming Retail with Trusted Mobile Interactions

Soprano’s omni channel interactive platform is the foundation of trusted interaction with today’s retail customers.  The solution easily integrates inbound and outbound mobile messaging with existing IT systems to enable automatic communication to connect and engage consumers, partners or employees directly anywhere and anytime.

Our interactive digital platform gives businesses a competitive edge, by offering a single B2C mobile marketing solution to reach consumers and drive traffic with rich and multimedia experience on a variety of channels – Email, SMS,  Voice, IP messaging.

Businesses around the world are utilising Soprano’s intelligent API integration for safe, secure, and reliable communication that improves the quality of experience among customers and employees, ensuring they receive the right message at the right time on their preferred communication channel.

Retail Mobile Messaging
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Retail Mobile Messaging Solutions

Our four most popular challenge solutions are listed below.

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B2C Marketing

Improve customer engagement with high-volume mobile marketing campaigns and gain information on how the retail experience is perceived by customers with a real-time feedback channel

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Operational Costs

From logistics, shipping status, account alerts, and inventory, integrate smart APIs with your existing IT system and automate tasks to improve productivity and customer satisfaction

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Distribution & Inventory management

Integrate with existing logistics systems to automatically route information on shipments received at stores and distribution centers via mobile messaging and capture information into IT systems and daily reports

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Shift Management & Staffing

Create unlimited worker pools and configure availability parameters for each candidate and automatically send SMS as shift offers to candidates. Automatic SMS reminders ensure workers arrive for their scheduled shift.

Featured Retail Use Cases

Trusted Mobile Interactions

Retail Worker Communications

Empower Retail Workers

Allow retail workers to use their mobile devices from anywhere to communicate back to central inventory. Rev up your inventory and distribution processes using mobile workflow messages that require only the touch of a button to complete.

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    Allow employees to report low inventory and request stock with simple, pre-populated forms.


    Automatically route information on shipments received at stores and distribution centers to IT systems and daily reports.


    Dispatch alerts can be sent to drivers for re-routing and weather updates, and workers can use mobile devices to log hours at the beginning and end of shifts, or to report their location

Retail Secure Messaging

Prevent Hacking and Phishing

Lower the risk of successful hacking and phishing attacks and meet current account security best practices with two-factor authentication for customer account logins,

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    Two-factor authentication (also known as multifactor authentication) requires an online account holder to present two separate passwords before being allowed to log in to their account.


    Deliver one-time passwords via SMS to mobile phones, providing a second form of identity verification.


    Integrate Soprano solutions seamlessly with your existing online and ecommerce systems.

Retail Customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Make life easy for your customers – and for you – with tools that capture feedback, allow customers to opt in and out of lists, and solicit additional information

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    Use quizzes and surveys to increase engagement and collect additional demographic information.


    Use powerful reporting tools for marketing campaign management and tracking, resulting in improved campaign performance.


    Send URLs to web pages with detailed or personalised information. Add sending scheduled text message, mobile, and email promotions to one or many lists to your marketing campaigns.

Retail Organisations Using Trusted Mobile Interactions

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Mobile messaging is proving itself as an effective enterprise tool. It addresses all the needs – it’s on every device, it’s ubiquitous, it’s immediate, people respond to it, and it provides higher engagement with key stakeholders.

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When the barbershop owners found Soprano and our award-winning mobile workflow messaging app, they were delighted. No more collecting paper timesheets and entering them by hand. No more chasing five different employees to get a commitment to cover a shift.

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SMS API integration to power your business processes.

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