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Two factor authentication software: Protect your business and clients

Implement mobile tokens for online user authentication and prevent your accounts from scammers and hackers.

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Product Overview

Ensure your security with our 2FA software

Reduce the probability of cyberattacks and low the total costs of disruption by adding software tokens.

two step account verification

Two Step Account Verification

Automate the process of online account verification by sending complex passwords, that are difficult to intercept, to confirm the identity of a user.


Send Unique One Time Passwords

Hacking and stolen credentials continue to be an issue, protect your account holders by delivering in real-time a unique security code every time they conduct an action.

auth remote workers

Authenticate Remote Workers

Do your users access the system at their office desks? At home? On the go? Overseas? Protect your data by verifying users with multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Why invest in an authentication solution?

Cybercriminals are expanding complex techniques to evade security systems and steal valuable data. In fact, cyberattacks were one of the top five risks businesses faced in 2020.

Your organization needs to be more vigilant about handling data, storing and protecting it. The consequences of cyber-attacks are severe, from lost revenue, angry and lost customers and bad public relations to potential legal costs.


Multi-factor authentication blocks 99.9% of all attacks on individual accounts.


61% of people use the same password across multiple accounts.

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features & capabilities

Two-factor authentication software features

Additional layers of security without hardware tokens or high development from your side.

communication orchestration

Communication Orchestration

communication integration

Communication Integration

policy government

Policy, Governance & Control



workflow automation

Workflow Automation

incident management

Incident Management



analytics reporting

Analytics and Reporting

two-factor authentication use cases

When can you use authentication methods?

Finance Industry

Send a time based one-time password (TOTP) to your customers and employees every time they want to access to their accounts or make a transaction.

Retail Industry

Prevent online sales fraud and protect customers’ data by adding 2FA to online accounts.

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Healthcare Industry

Use multi-factor authentication to protect employees’ credentials and individuals’ health records.


Ensure only approved users can access government data and reduce the possibility of hackers’ infiltrating your systems.

Why Soprano?

Soprano Authenticator is a comprehensive, end-to-end robust and economical two-factor authentication solution.

It enables employees, customers and suppliers secure access to online services by creating and delivering One-Time Passwords (soft tokens) via SMS.

Choose your best 2FA option:

  • 2FA API: If you want to use your internal software to generate OTP, our 2FA API can extend an integrated mobile capability to deliver an SMS or IP-based mobile token to your global mobile users.
  • 2FA CLOUD-BASED: If you are beginning from scratch or replacing an existing system, you can opt for our 100% cloud-based and geo-resilient two-factor authentication solution.
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