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Two-Factor Authentication for Business Communications

SMS Verification Solutions for Enterprise and Government

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Two-Factor Authentication Benefits

  • Improve Operational Security
  • No Costly Hardware or Tokens
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Deliver One-Time Passwords
  • Authentication API
  • Easy to Implement and Integrate
  • Highly Available, Geo-Resilient
  • Helpdesk and Operational Support
  • Fewer Security Breaches

A Verification Solution You Can Rely On for Online User Authentication

Implement Mobile Tokens for Online User Authentication.

  • Reduced probability of an Internet attacker gaining access to an account, resulting in fewer security breaches
  • An additional protection option that can be advertised to account holders; having this option available reduces the reputation risk following a security breach
  • Lower total costs of disruption
  • Additional layer of protection against identity theft and password phishing
  • Additional layer of protection against keystroke loggers
  • Further protection against packet sniffing attempts
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Enterprise SMS Features

two factor communication

Communication Orchestration

Communication Integration 2fa

Communication Integration

Two-factor policy

Policy, Governance & Control

Mobile authentication security


two-factor workflow

Workflow Automation

Incident Management Two-factor

Incident Management

IT platform consolidation


verification analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Improved Login Security

Learn how our solutions can strengthen your authentication systems.

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Two Step Account Verification

Automate the process of online account verification by sending complex passwords, that are difficult to intercept, to confirm the identity of a user.

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Send Unique One Time Passwords

Hacking and stolen credentials continue to be an issue, protect your account holders by delivering a unique password every time they conduct an action .

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Authenticate Remote Workers

Do your users access the system at their office desks? At home? On the go? Overseas? Protect your data by verifying users with two factor authentication.