SMS Gateway API

Connect anything, interact everywhere

What can you do with our SMS Gateway API?

Our API can be used to enhance your existing web, CRM and other IT applications to enable them to send and receive (2-way) interactive messages. Automate business processes and build state-of-the-art messaging solutions to improve productivity by integrating with ERP, HR or CRM systems.

You won’t believe how quickly you can integrate our text message API.

Soprano Omnichannel Platform

SMS API Integration

Take your website and apps to the next level and extend new capabilities to your existing systems with integrated SMS messaging.

  • Economical: no need for expensive additional hardware
  • Self-service API administration
  • Customisable preferences
  • Configurable API attributes
  • Access control & security
  • Near real-time monitoring
  • Archival of all messaging activity
  • Auditing & custom reports
Use Cases
  • ID tracking for package delivery 
  • 2-factor password authentication 
  • IoT messaging integration to devices 
  • Field approvals & workflow updates 
  • Appointment reminders 
  • CRM & ERP system integration 
  • Workforce management integration 
  • Care centre & support chat

Send SMS With API Automation

Strong SMS Gateway API integration to power your business processes.

Messaging Integration

Faster Integration

Build and integrate APIs and applications faster using one unified API platform. Our documentation is direct, clear, and very easy to understand. You won’t believe quickly you can integrate our SMS gateway API.

Fast message deliver

Faster Delivery

Designed for low latency and high availability, our global SMS API is a reliable way to reach international users around the globe. Our direct SMS gateway is turned to enable high-volume messages to be delivered in seconds.

Custom CSS SMS Messaging

Future Proof

Communicate directly with your customers from your own software. Eliminate friction and enable spend and agility to handle inbound and outbound SMS interactions to make your business much more agile.

Unified Communications

Unified Connectivity

Integrate with any applications, data or device to extend the tech of your business. Access data quickly using secure and controlled APIs to build trusted and meaningful interactions with employees and customers.

Low-Code Text Message API integration

A range of powerful low-code APIs are ideal for businesses looking to develop custom solutions or enhance existing software with mobile messaging functionality.

Soprano Connect Api Features
Soprano Api Sms

Smarter SMS APIs

Extend new capabilities to your existing systems or future applications.

Key Features

  • Menu of APIs include HTTP/S, SMTP, FTP, SMPP, WSDL
  • Sophisticated API capabilities
  • Proven ability to integrate with leading IT systems
  • Flexible to adapt customer user cases