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The Benefits of SMS Automation

With 90% of text messages read within three minutes of delivery, it’s clear text is an effective method of communicating with customers and SMS automation can enhance the benefits for your business even further.
Category: CPaaS
Subject: Automation, SMS
Detail: Beginner
Author: Robin Ng

With 90% of text messages read within three minutes of delivery, it’s clear text is an effective method of communicating with customers, particularly on time-sensitive matters such as transaction alerts or time-based promotions.

Automating your SMS communications even further enhances the benefits of a text messaging program for your organisation. Here’s a quick snapshot of the advantages of SMS Automation and how you can integrate it into your business today.

Benefits of SMS Automation

The benefits of SMS automation from a business perspective

In an internal context, SMS automation helps businesses to better manage the dissemination of information amongst employees. It also assists in increasing the efficiency of escalation management and especially benefits business continuity.

Additionally, businesses are able to integrate automated text messaging with chatbots to provide basic customer support. This allows them to channel their customer support employee resources and manpower into more complex issues that require deeper involvement.

Finally, integration with CRMs enables efficient, time-based promotion of products and services.

Benefits of SMS Automation from the customer’s side 

SMS automation vastly improves the customer experience as well. Firstly, it provides faster response times than those generated from a traditional manual help desk. 

It also ensures that customers receive consistent communication, without relying on human intervention to keep them well-informed on their customer journey. This includes notifications like alerts on an arrival of funds into a bank account, or the status of the delivery of a package ordered online.

Furthermore, it is possible to implement automated location-based integration for emergency notifications to a large audience at a particular location, for instance in the case of a fire.

SMS APIs delivering huge advantages to businesses

At Soprano Design, our suite of APIs seamlessly connects businesses to their own CRM and/or other internal applications to automate two-way communications:

  • Our SMS API can be utilised for delivery and receipt of omnichannel mobile messages through SMS as well as other channels such as voice, RCS, WhatsApp, email and more.
  • Our RapidAlert API assists businesses with business continuity planning.
  • Our Authenticator API allows customers to enable two-factor authentication for their portal login.
  • Our Soprano Inbound application manages incoming messages and automatically replies based on the incoming message content. This can be configured online and deployed in real time, offering an effective method of automating two-way communications.
  • Reply Management and Smart Forwarding enable businesses to manage workflow across various communication channels, including SMS, emails, social chat, etc.

Read more here for further insight into how we’re helping businesses get the most out of their communications strategies.