Enterprise Messaging Workflows for Education & Crisis Communication

Schools are busy places. There’s always new staff, new students, and never any time to practice a school evacuation plan.

It’s not just schools though; the cost of running a practice drill for any organisation is only outweighed by the cost of poorly executing an emergency response.

Mobile messaging is the best way to deliver important alerts and notifications. Did you know that 99% messages are read? And 90% of those messages are read within the first 3 minutes of being sent?

Imagine there was a way to be confident, that regardless of whoever was working in your school, on any given day, every single staff member could confidently respond to an evacuation. Well, there is, and we call it GAMMA.

When it’s time to evacuate, Soprano GAMMA pushes out a simple, easy to read, button based, workflow message to all teachers and staff with clear instructions on what to do. There’s no need for complex decision making. Even the safe location is provided directly to any mobile phone.

Smart APIs connect GAMMA with any school’s existing hardware and software systems to help save time and money, and even raise compliance for a variety of tasks. There’s no need to waste money on apps. Soprano GAMMA is a cost effective, bespoke solution, for any organisation or team.

Soprano GAMMA is a secure enterprise mobile messaging app designed to have a simple “SMS-like” feel to preserve the productivity and immediacy of SMS, while deploying a more sophisticated business messaging experience in a mission-critical and secure environment.