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The first step in identifying the value of mobile messaging

    Productive mobile workflow messaging consolidates your team’s mobile messaging and workflows into a single app, and enables custom embedded mobile applications that allow you to extend new mobile use cases into your mission-critical systems (think, your ERP or CRM data).

    Key productivity features

  • Embedded workflow apps
  • Team Mobile Messaging
  • SMS Escalation
  • APIs & Automation

All Productivity Features



    Secure mobile messaging protects your proprietary business information and reduces vulnerability in a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) IT environment. GAMMA adheres to world-class encryption best practices to provide a highly secure mobile messaging solution.

    Key security features

  • Strong message encryption
  • PIN-protected app
  • Vanishing messages that expire
  • Remote wipe messages

All Security Features


    Compliant mobile messaging provides a fully auditable environment and tools for data retrieval and enterprise admin. GAMMA provides full visibility of mobile messages and sophisticated control over internal communications with nuanced acknowledgement of Ds & Rs.

    Key compliance features

  • Enterprise Admin Portal
  • Audits & Messaging Reports
  • Advanced Acknowledgement
  • Real-Time Reporting

All Compliance Features

GAMMA Overview
The Real Costs of Inefficient Workflows & Productivity
Costs of Inefficient Workflows & Productivity

Inefficient business processes and workflows cause delays, lost information, errors and overall frustration. Most large organisations have hundreds of workflows being used each day, and even the smallest inefficiencies can add up to significant costs.

  • $275k/yr to $575k/yr cost: Inefficient document workflows1

    The cost of inefficient routing or delayed transactions costs the healthcare industry $275k/yr, and costs the manufacturing & financial institutions industries $500k+/yr.

  • Nearly 3,000 hrs/yr lost: Inefficient distribution center workflows2

    Capturing back seconds matters, nearly 90% of organisations agree that cost savings and productivity gains can be achieved by investing in workflow solutions.

  • $1.7m opportunity: Improve just 3 common hospital workflows3

    Looking only at patient admissions, emergency response, and patient transfers; there is an estimated 108 minutes wasted each time these workflows cycle.

Soprano GAMMA is equipped with a unique mobile messaging workflow capability that combines secure mobile messaging with workflow forms using an elegant button and menu-based UI designed to allow introduction of new efficiencies using mobile.

The Real Costs of a Security Breach1
cost of security breach

Security breaches cause service disruptions, data loss, and reputation damage that add up to significant costs for businesses. Even a minor breach can cost $1M, and a severe breach can run as high as $100M+.

  • $53k per minute: Average cost of a minor service disruption

    The total cost of a 20-minute disruption averages $1m due to downtime & idle time, technical support and forensics. Repeated disruptions magnify this cost.

  • #1 reputation threat: Data breach & data theft

    Nearly 90% of all IT executives agree that protecting intellectual property is a top priority among security management activities deployed.

  • $100M+: Potential cost of a major disruption

    Major disruptions include the costs of any minor disruption, but spread over a greater timeframe and often include crippling reputation or non-compliance costs.

Soprano GAMMA adheres to NIST-recommended best practices to provide a secure mobile messaging solution that can become part of a proactive IT security program designed to minimize the risks and costs associated with service disruptions.

The Real Costs of Compliance Failure
Costs of compliance failure

Compliance with data retention, security and archival laws can be costly, but the cost of not complying is even higher. That’s why forward-thinking companies stay one step ahead by implementing self governance and best practice data security policies.

  • $15M+ In Settlements: Cost of data archival violation (US, UK, AU)1

    The legal costs of non-compliance should not be ignored. In 2006, Morgan Stanley settled a law suit for $15M for non-compliance with laws regarding data retrieval.

  • $9.3M: Cost of Non-Compliance for Multi-National Organisations2

    Non-compliance can result in business disruption, productivity and revenue loss, fines, penalties and other costs that add up to 3x the cost of compliance.

  • $4.2M: Average cost of healthcare data breach (US, UK, AU)3

    The cost of a data breach in healthcare can incur HIPAA or similar regulatory penalties, plus the data loss and reputation damage that can exceed $200/record.

Soprano GAMMA is equipped with data archival and data retrieval capabilities to provide full visibility and control to the organisation. Additionally, it’s a secure mobile messaging chat application that captures acknowledgement of sent, delivered and read messages.

How are Enterprise Customers Using GAMMA


All patient medical information must be handled with care and absolute reservation. GAMMA can be configured with end-to-end encryption to keep these communications more secure, complying with relevant NIST and HIPAA standards for data encryption.


Reduce application and follow-up times for medical procedures from the mobile device through notifications and forms embedded within GAMMA.


Notify about medical emergencies and send patient alerts, and receive confirmation of receipt from those who should come to help. This replaces email or pagers and offers additional benefits that are more effective than a pager.


Allow health care providers and doctors to confirm visits and send pre and post reports of patient visits at home.


In the field or within the medical establishment, make requests for urgent medical supplies and necessary information for the correct delivery of the service.


Send patient caretakers a notification through a form and receive a confirmation of assignment acceptance.

Packed with features for Business Mobile Messaging

The First Step In Identifying The Value Of Mobile Messaging


Collaborative Team Messaging

Create lists and groups to communicate among your team with group or individual P2P messaging capabilities, and turn on SMS escalation to provide last-mile coverage.

Embedded Mobile Workflows

Automate manual or time-consuming business processes by introducing powerful system integration with custom mobile forms to enable embedded apps & workflow messaging.

API System Integration & Automation

Integrate mobile alerting and broadcast messaging into your existing IT systems. Or, create powerful mobile workflows using mobile forms and location-based options that support business process optimisation.


Advanced App Encryption

GAMMA messages are securely hosted and delivered over a private and encrypted channel utilizing the latest asymmetric key encryption for secure data in motion.

PIN-Protected Application

PIN-protection adds another level of mobile device security which protects your proprietary data within GAMMA in the event that your phone is lost stolen.

Vanishing Messages & Remote Wipe

Vanishing messages are set to expire to ensure your private information is only viewable for a short period of time, and remotely wiping messages is a security safeguard for protecting your corporate data.


Data Audits and Message Log Reporting

Fully auditable and compliant communications designed to provide organisations with full visibility of messages and logs through sophisticated reporting capabilities.


Modern internal business communications require acknowledgement at a glance of which messages have been sent, delivered, opened and read. View message status in the mobile messaging app or in the admin portal.

Admin Controls & Reporting

Enterprise admin capabilities allow real-time reporting, data retrieval, and data archival capabilities, facilitating full organisation-wide visibility and admin control.

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