Top 5 Trends Set to Shape Customer Communication in 2024

Top 5 Trends Set to Shape Customer Communication in 2024

As well as representing a time of reflection and celebration, the New Year is also about looking ahead at what’s to come — and in the CPaaS space, that’s quite a lot… 

From the rise of hyper-personalised customer experiences to even more powerful AI integrations being introduced, you can expect to see some major shifts take place over the next 12 months. 

With that being said, here are the Top 5 Trends Set to Shape Customer Communication in 2024

1. Hyper-Personalisation to Take Centre Stage 

Nowadays, customers not only want, but they expect to receive personal responses when interacting with brands and businesses, just like they would in any face-to-face interaction.  

Thanks to the combination of advances in AI and more data on hand to leverage, you can expect to see CPaaS solutions that feature hyper-personalised communication on a scale not yet seen before. 

Think chatbots that can respond to queries instantly with the empathy of human support agents, customer journeys that based on a user’s preferences and marketing messages that feel tailor-made to each customer’s unique needs. 

There’s certainly a lot to keep your eyes on when it comes to hyper-personalisation in 2024 — watch this space. 

2. Conversational AI to Become the New Interface  

With some reports estimating the global conversational AI market will be worth over AUD$20 billion by the end of the year, get ready to welcome conversational AI as the primary customer interaction interface.  

As chatbots and voice assistants get smarter, expect to see more and more businesses rethink how they interact with their customers, reducing their reliance on human support agents.  

We’ve all spoken to chatbots to troubleshoot simple product issues or to ask basic questions, but be prepared to encounter them more frequently when you have complex requests that have previously required a human response. 

3. Proactive, Contextual Communication to Reign Supreme  

With everyday life already crammed full of enough distractions vying for our attention, customers and employees alike don’t want to receive messages that aren’t relevant to them. 

In 2024, companies that use AI-driven contextual awareness to send proactive messages will lead the way, leaving those that continue to take a shotgun approach to their communication strategy finding it difficult to keep up. 

Imagine being sent personalised financial forecasts from your bank based on your recent spending patterns, or receiving product support in real-time to address issues that haven’t even arisen yet. 

These are the types of shifts we’ll begin to see introduced into daily life to help make things run just that little bit smoother. 

4. Security and Privacy to Become Non-Negotiables 

Security and privacy concerns are nothing new, but as more businesses integrate conversational AI into their operations, it’s only natural that greater attention will be placed on safeguarding sensitive data and information.  

In the wake of a recent major credit card scam targeting Aussie online shoppers, look out for more robust security protocols, data encryption procedures and transparency measures being introduced by companies to help build trust — both internally and externally. 

As well as the above, AI will be playing a crucial role behind the scenes to identify and mitigate the rising number of potential security threats that you’ll have no doubt come across on your mobile or laptop. 

5. Increased CPaaS Accessibility to Empower SMBs 

Most larger businesses have been using CPaaS for some time, but as its adoption becomes more widespread, a trickle-down effect is set to take place — much to the benefit of SMBs. 

Simplified APIs, subscription-based pricing models and pre-built templates will lower the barriers of entry and make CPaaS solutions more accessible and affordable for SMBs.  

This means that it’ll no longer only be the big boys able to offer personalised, omnichannel communication experiences, but also the smaller players too. 

More companies introducing CPaaS solutions into their businesses over the next 12 months can only be a good thing though, right? 

Now you’ve got an idea of what’s in store for the CPaaS industry in the months ahead, you’re best placed to take advantage of the trends mentioned in this post and communicate with your people better than ever before. 

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