451 Research: “Soprano GAMMA delivers a one-two punch with workflow management and mobile messaging”

451 Research reviews Soprano Design's mobile messaging capabilities and position

Who’s got the best messenger? It’s easy to claim you’re a leader in mobile messaging, but it’s another thing entirely to prove it.

As we wrap up the year here at Soprano Design, we’re having no problem rising to the challenge. The latest entry in a line of folks discussing us online is a report from enterprise IT analysis firm 451 Research.

The report assesses our presence in the enterprise mobile messaging space as well as our award-winning mobile messaging app Soprano GAMMA.

“The traditional messaging business has seen a decline in the last five years. This has affected many messaging technology vendors, but Soprano Design has managed to remain largely unaffected by focusing its business on high-value messaging. The company is expanding into the enterprise segment with GAMMA, a platform that combines workflow messaging with secure enterprise mobile messaging.”

The report favors Soprano’s efficient combination of workflow messaging, person-to-person mobile messaging, and application-to-person messaging all within one user interface.

You can read the full report on the 451 Research website.

The need is growing for genuinely useful enterprise mobile messaging, particularly in industries such as finance, banking, and healthcare that place high value and strict security requirements on information passed between employees.

According to a 2015 Silicon Valley Bank report, there will be more than 1 billion employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace by 2018. These bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments will demand an increasing level of security and oversight of employee messaging.

As 451 notes, “Soprano has a strong track record supporting large, complex and global deployments.” In fact, earlier this year, we created a secure messaging system for a global finance company. They were seeing employees bringing in consumer chat apps and couldn’t keep up with monitoring them or shutting all of them down. A better approach was to give them a secure business chat tool that was as pleasant to use as those other apps.

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