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Discover the benefits of RCS Messaging

benefits of rcs messaging

There’s no doubt that SMS is still the ruler of an effective marketing strategy. But since RCS have appeared on the way, we all know that it’s not far behind. Why RCS for business communication? Find the answer in this article.

Since the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) launched RCS in 2008, it has earned its place. According to a new study by Juniper Research, RCS subscribers will grow from 1.2 billion in 2022 to 3.8 billion by 2026.

We have already made a comparison between RCS vs SMS. So let’s get to the point here. Besides SMS’ great statistics, RCS has something invaluable for users: it allows rich media functionality and chat capabilities such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, or iMessage.

Without downloading an app, users can access attractive features that boost customer experience and conversions. That’s why Rich Communication Services (RCS) has revolutionised business communication, and anyone wants to miss its benefits.

rcs benefits

Benefits of RCS Messaging you would not like to miss

  • With RCS, you can create a more engaging customer experience: With Rich Media Services, you can send more attractive messages to your customers. Imagine an SMS with more text, larger files, images, and pay buttons.

    Your customers will love your RCS messages with high-resolution photos, QR codes, and complete PDF documents. You can also send GIFs and animated stickers.
  • RCS improves interactivity and boosts your conversions: Who said that businesses could not sell via messaging? Forget about that. By adding AI chatbots to your RCS Messaging, your users can have human-like conversations on their phones without the need for any other app.

    The benefits of AI chatbots are great, and more if they are combined with other mobile channels like RCS. Chatbots can guide and interact with your users via decision trees, selecting options, and conversations with an intuitive process.

72% of customers are likely to purchase online if they can ask questions in real-time.

  • RCS Messaging is secure: GSMA has implemented a Universal Profile for RCS. It is a global standard for implementing RCS to allow subscribers of different carriers and nations to communicate with each other. The Universal Profile standard v2.2 protects both companies and customers by ensuring that they are interacting with legitimate parties.

    Unlike other messaging applications, which deliver messages with end-to-end encryption, RCS messaging is a highly regulated mobile carrier-based service subject to lawful intercept rules.

    RCS Messaging is secured over TLS by the carrier interfaces and the mobile device, making the secure data point to point.

How To Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate With RCS

Now that you know all these RCS benefits, I’m sure you are thinking of implementing this fantastic mobile communication tool in your marketing strategy.

But first…

Let’s see all the RCS use cases briefly:

  • Book appointments
  • Make payments
  • Receive boarding passes
  • Submit surveys
  • Receive package delivery notifications
  • Receive credit card fraud alerts
  • Receive promotional marketing

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