Getting the job done just got a little faster

Working with some of the world’s best organisations – national postal services, banks, airlines, large hospitals networks and mobile carriers – we get to see some pretty nifty business innovation.

And we get the benefit of some insightful feedback and ideas for our own products.

We always put our customer suggestions to work and we particularly love ideas that surpass the ‘so what?’ test to either save a business time, money or help people do a better job than they’re doing it now.

Thanks to the creative input of our customers, we’ve given our award winning GAMMA app some extra grunt to help business innovate around their own task improvements.

We think you’ll love the top new features of GAMMA 3.3.

Get working faster with easy to use forms

Save time and be more productive by conveniently accessing your day-to-day workflow forms right at your fingertips. We’ve made it simple for businesses to create a variety of customised workflow mobile forms and publish them to staff for easy accessibility. And with the dedicated workflows button, staff can then request a workflow mobile form needed. For instance, offer a ‘Part Request’ mobile form to request replacement parts to fix the repairs in the field and improve customer service or use the ‘Check in/Check out’ mobile form to ensure employees’ safety and get a confirmation of finishing their tasks in a given timeframe.

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Yes to mini-conversations!

Now you can actually have conversations within a workflow form. Workflow forms are one-time used only, however, messages are displayed as a collapsible threaded “mini-conversation” so it’s easy to revisit and link the related responses for reviewing and tracking interactive history.

Once a workflow form has been responded to, it changes from “view” to “review”. If you require action from a user, the workflow “mini-conversation” is distinguished by a call to action of “requiring attention” for that user with an exclamation mark (!).

You can now send workflow responses to the server using a more structured format, making it easier to import data captured from responses. And additionally, you can upload rich media images or include voice note in response to a workflow message.

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Message delivery to support your work rhythm

Offline? Compose a message as ‘pending’ and GAMMA will store messages and sends it automatically when you’re back online.

Still thinking? Draft messages are stored in the ‘message compose’ area ready to send when you are.

Lost connection? GAMMA will attempt to reconnect. When it does, it will try to send the message one more time before asking you to resend.

You can now mute conversations or meetings and stop the SMS or push notifications coming through if you are offline.

secure mobile meeting rooms with soprano gamma 3.3


We’ve also squished some bugs and added some UI and performance enhancements to improve your user experience.

SOPRANO GAMMA is an award-winning enterprise-grade mobile messaging app that features IP-based messaging – similar to consumer messaging apps – but super boosted with top class security and enterprise specific features.

It’s centrally managed on a cloud platform, with a sophisticated hierarchical enterprise administration portal that enables permissions-based corporate use.

GAMMA unlocks limitless possibilities for workflow automation and business process improvements. All conversations are trackable so you’ll always know where you’re at.