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How a Retail Company Improved Employee Productivity with Soprano GAMMA


Sector: Retail


A customer of ours who’s a contractor for a local government facilitates over 6,000 parking meters, consisting of “smart” (connected) and traditional (unconnected) meters that are integrated with local councils for billing. Previously, for “smart” meters, consumers had the option to send a text message to an SMS shortcode to fund parking meters and receive an SMS confirmation.


  • They had 30+ technicians responding to meter issues in multiple cities on a very tight turnaround
  • Consumers and technicians would call directly into the company’s support center, and support calls were logged through a call center management software web portal
  • Machine downtime was a revenue loss for councils (direct revenue loss and loss from parking tickets)
  • They were texting technicians with the machine number and street address, but the SMS messages to technicians were often delayed, not received or not viewed and responded to in time

The Benefits

  • Technicians now use GAMMA workflow messages to respond and “claim” the job, notify the company they’ve arrived on site and work has begun, and send job closeout notifications, increasing the company’s efficiency and ensuring parking meters have less downtime
  • Reduce wasted time spent calling/texting multiple technicians for one repair
  • Accurately tracks time spent on jobs

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