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How a local government improved efficiency in staffing process


Sector: Government


This local government city council has 26 childcare facilities that provides care for 4,000 children each year. They offer long day care, preschool and programs for children up to age 12. Their childcare vacancies are available for permanent, temporary and contract staff. They were using phone calls and emails to schedule occupancy of employee shifts.

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  • They needed a system to reduce ring-around times and improve efficiency
  • Experienced loss in productivity due to call-back interruptions
  • Due to manual vacancy scheduling process involved long phone calls with an average of 1-2 hr. to locate the available staff which resulted in unable to fill important shifts faster and on time
  • Shifts were frequently unfilled or over-staffed
  • Increased cost

The Benefits

  • Able to create unlimited workers pool and configure availability parameters for each candidate
  • Childcare operation is running smoothly as they are able to fill in all temporary and full time vacancies quickly and efficiently
  • Introduces ‘first to respond’ method that is rapid, efficient and fair and rewards the most eager and reliable candidates.
  • Automates and reduces cost of under & over staff
  • Reporting shows any undelivered message in case mobile phone number was incorrect, in return they are able to keep their database up to date with correct contact information or phones numbers

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