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Are Top Managers Blind to Mobile Messaging Security Risks?


Image: Asia Pacific Security Magazine

Over at Asia Pacific Security Magazine, we’re talking about the security risks of enterprise mobile messaging, and who’s paying attention — or not.

We’ve found that CEOs and other top managers believe that critical information isn’t being passed on via unsecured mobile apps, but in an increasingly connected world, is that true? The average office worker’s tendency to use a smartphone to communicate with coworkers would seem to contradict that belief, making it a dangerous one to hold for companies in many sectors, both public and private.

“It’s unthinkable to connect a PC or laptop to the internet without up-to-date virus protection, but workers do it every day with phones and tablets. And while companies spend considerable sums securing desktop systems, little thought is given to securing mobile information.”

To view the article, visit the magazine and turn to pages 29-30.

Head over to the magazine to read the rest of the article, or take a look at our secure mobile messaging solution for enterprise below.

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