Communicating Better Together: A New Chapter for Soprano Design

In what has been a year of uncertainty, our vision of providing intelligent and secure mobile messaging solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide, has never faltered. As one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise communications for more than 25 years, I am thrilled to announce Soprano acquires Silverstreet – beginning a new chapter for our company’s future growth plans.

With increased scope for network connectivity and an expanded global footprint, we are now in a class of only a handful of global providers providing this level of scale, service quality, and capabilities for our customers. By adding Silverstreet’s annual one billion interactive mobile messages to Soprano’s own annual delivery tally, we’re also well on our way to exceeding 10 billion mobile messages a year by 2021 – something as a founder of Soprano, I am particularly proud of.

This decision to expand our business was also driven by the need to move even faster – anticipating and helping solve our customer’s problems using secure enterprise messaging.  Whether it’s getting a parcel delivered more securely, facilitating the huge volume spike in e-commerce transactions, authenticating mail-in ballots, confirming a patient appointment or prescription, our enterprise messaging services have been getting the job done.

Our customers’ enterprise communication needs have increased at pace with the worldwide growth in digitization while also supporting the need to maintain productivity and operational efficiencies in a socially distanced, post-pandemic world.

Like Soprano, Silverstreet has risen through the CPaaS ranks by enabling secure, relevant, and cost-effective mobile-based messaging across key regions.

So, what does this mean for our customers? At the very basic level, it means a stronger platform for enterprise communications – offering more options for customers in more regions. At a deeper level, two of the longest-running CPaaS providers in the world will innovate and anticipate the new demands for digital transformation services globally.

I’m incredibly grateful for the leadership of Simon Landsheer at Silverstreet. He and his employees have built Silverstreet into a true force in the CPaaS market.

Today, mobile communications have become an essential part of life for millions across the world and continue to have a far-reaching impact in all aspects of business and consumer life. We’ll see mobile communications play a critical role in how the world communicates when distributing COVID vaccines.

It’s these benefits that Soprano and now Silverstreet are excited to be delivering for our respective customers, as we strengthen our shared presence and deliver real-time, two-way mobile interactions across all digital channels. The call for clear communication has never been louder and we’re ready to respond.