How to Use Conversational Ai to Improve Customer Engagement

conversational customer engagement

Consumers are becoming more and more familiar with Conversational Ai and how it can provide them with easy to access information and resources. Organisations are also increasingly looking to integrate Conversational AI into their business, leveraging the technology to increase customer engagement, improve customer service and drive positive customer experiences.

How Conversational Ai Works

Conversational AI can be used to communicate with customers mirroring natural, human language in text and voice formats. In this way, customers have the ability to easily interact with technology, allowing them to pull information on demand from a database of customer service solutions.

There are two types of Conversational AI:

  • Powered by Machine Learning: The more that customers interact with conversational AI, the more intuitive the responses become. When your customers engage with Conversational Ai, the technology learns from their conversations and develops a deep understanding of what people are trying to communicate. Consequently, as there are more and more interactions, answers become more detailed and relevant and customer experience continues to improve.
  • Driven using Intelligent Rules: This artificial intelligence works with flows and logical decision-making trees. For example, “if the person says this, then your technology will respond with that”. This form of conversational AI is most common in web chatbots, like the one that you will find at the bottom of the page you’re on now.

How Conversational Ai can improve Customer Engagement

Enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to improve customer engagement. With the rise of conversational AI, “nearly 80% of CEOs have changed or intend to change how they manage client engagement using conversational AI technologies.” Below are some examples of how the technology can help your enterprise:

Conversational Ai Provides 24/7 access to decision-making information.

Conversational AI is accessible for your customers at any time. This can be particularly relevant if you have a global customer base, or you do not have a customer service team available 24/7 as your customers can always contact you at a time that works best for them.

Enables personalized interactions based on previous communication.

Every customer engagement with conversational AI will result in a unique interaction with the technology. Future responses are tailored to the individual customer needs based off their previous questions and response. This enables an increasingly personalised relationship between your brand, products and customers.

Improved efficiency for customers and agents

Enterprises using conversational AI enable their customers to find answers to routine questions such as product availability or hours of operation, in a simple to use, direct, efficient channel. This improves customer engagement as they will no longer need to search your entire website to find what they are looking for. This also frees up your customer service agents to focus on more complex and strategic customer concerns.

How to Implement Conversational Customer Engagement

Below are three simple steps to implement this technology into your business and improve customer experience:

  • Identify the challenges that your business is facing.
  • Schedule a meeting with Soprano Design to find out how our technology can help address these challenges.
  • Give us the opportunity to help you find the right Conversational Ai solution for your business and enable you to increase your customer engagement through conversational AI.