How Automated Communications Enhance Customer Engagement And Loyalty

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When automated communications are appropriately implemented in a business, they create faster customer journeys and interactions and greatly enhance customer satisfaction. A well-planned, comprehensive automated communications solution is key to improving customer engagement and ultimately, your business results.
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Author: Soprano Team

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When a well-planned, comprehensive automated communications solution is implemented, businesses begin to see results quickly. Customer engagement improves, brand loyalty increases, costs are reduced and you are able to reach many more customers.

Automated communications create faster customer journeys and interactions. Used effectively, they enhance customer satisfaction. They can be applied in many situations, from arranging medical appointments and reminding patients to attend, to self-service scenarios.

If you want to take your business that extra mile, automated communication should be a part of your customer engagement strategy. However, it’s important to find a balance between human and automated messaging that works best for your particular audience.

How automated communications improve customer engagement

The key benefit of automated communications is that it is faster. Both your responses to customers, and their responses to you, are quicker, which leads to greater business agility and more satisfactory products and services.

Another way it improves engagement is that it enables you to implement personalised messaging on a mass scale. If you know your customers, you can send things like personalized surveys, for example, including questions that fit the customer perfectly and make them interested in responding.

What’s more, you can engage customers just as effectively with automated messaging as with human messaging, when it is used strategically. First, though you need to understand your business and customer, and when is the right time for automated communication or human communication. You will then be able to take advantage of a suitable automated communications tool and allow it to handle many of your communications effectively.

Therefore, establishing limits on where automated communication is appropriate or not is critical. For instance, a ‘machine’ cannot replace a doctor. Messages may be able to obtain information about symptoms, but there are answers that only a real doctor can provide. Similarly, at a bank, fraud must be investigated by a real-life analyst.

It is also very important that you ask permission from your customer to receive automated messages. They must be given the opportunity to opt-in.

How technology enables automated communications

There are many technologies that help businesses create or improve automated communications. These include SMS, voice messaging, WhatsApp, email, RCS, IP and others. Each has its place and a specific target. You can use one, two or all of them, depending on your goals.

At Soprano, we have been implementing and developing automated communication solutions for over 25 years. We know what each organization needs to fit its circumstances and requirements perfectly, and have a dedicated team to help your business succeed. Find out more about how we can enhance your business with our automated communications solutions.