Legion Interactive Selects SOPRANO Corporate SMS Platform

Legion Interactive is widely recognised as the first Australian company to master the business of interactive media campaigns. SMS messaging has grown to become Legion’s key direct promotion and advertising vehicle. With the advent of MMS, mobile advertising is set for phenomenal growth across Asia.

Legion Interactive CEO, David Burden stated: “SMS messaging continues to grow here in Australia. Interactive SMS delivers an exciting channel for consumer games and competitions. Legion has executed recent highest-rating campaigns for clients like Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Cussons, McDonald’s, Telstra and Vodafone. We have seen continued strong growth in demand, especially for cross-media promotions that generate high message avalanche peaks, so we needed a reliable, high-performance gateway to meet that demand.”

With SOPRANO Corporate Gateway, Legion has secured a fast, stable and adaptable future for their clients’ campaigns, adding the flexibility to deliver new campaign concepts and content types as supporting handsets populate the market.

“SOPRANO’s solution was integrated quickly into our existing infrastructure, providing us with a smooth transition and enabling rapid deployment of new services,” added Burden. “Flexibility and reliability were our key selection criteria – allowing us to innovate campaigns that surpass the competition whilst maintaining carrier-grade reliability in order to handle the huge message volumes demanded by Asian clients.”

“We are very pleased that Legion has selected our gateway to deliver their messaging services,” said founder and CEO of SOPRANO Design, Richard Favero. “Legion Interactive is held in the highest regard in Australia and this reputation is rapidly spreading across Asia. SOPRANO values blue-chip clients like Legion Interactive, and they value our commitment to supporting their critical business environments. This two-way commitment has become a recipe for long-term mutual success.”

About Legion Interactive

Legion Interactive is Australia’s leading Promotional Marketing Agency specialising in consumer communications using multi-channelled technology platforms. These include Interactive Voice Response, SMS, Internet, WAP, Speech-recognition and Text-to-Speech.

Legion’s clients include the Seven Network, Network TEN, ACP, Fairfax, Murdoch Magazines, Austereo, MCM Entertainment, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, MasterCard International, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Vodafone, Telstra and a host of government contracts for the mass-communication of important information – Bureau of Meteorology, NSW Lotteries, Board of Studies in NSW and Vic (student results).

Through the leveraging of key core technologies, Legion offers its clients an unparalleled communication experience with their consumers, viewers, readers, listeners, service users etc. Every day, Legion’s technology interacts with upwards of 5 million Australians. Legion Interactive has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and partner alliances in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.