NRMA Motoring Adopts SOPRANO CGP for the Hearing Impaired

NRMA Motoring & Services (NRMA) has deployed SOPRANO Corporate Gateway Platform (CGP) to connect their hearing impaired customers to the NRMA service line.

“The SOPRANO CGP product provides NRMA with a mobile messaging solution that enables our hearing impaired customers to easily connect with our operators to assist with their inquiry,” NRMA Motoring and Services Integration Manager Graham Dempsey said.

“We value our customer service standards and are constantly looking for ways of improving our service for all of our customers.”

NRMA’s hearing impaired customers can now send SMS requests for service in place of the usual phone call to the NRMA customer service line. The customers then enter an SMS dialogue with the NRMA operator to manage their enquiry. The SOPRANO CGP is integrated with the NRMA internal systems to rapidly allocate the requests and service them.

“SOPRANO CGP allows NRMA Limited to extend their customer service offering to all of their customers in any situation. NRMA can ensure their constant excellence in the provision of leading customer service in the Australian market.” said Richard Favero, CEO, SOPRANO Design.”

About NRMA Motoring & Services

NRMA Motoring & Services is Australia’s largest mutual membership organisation. NRMA provides roadside assistance, travel services and other benefits to two million members in NSW and the ACT.