Orange Belgium Moves to Soprano for Mobile Messaging

Orange Belgium moves to Soprano for mobile messaging


Belgium mobile network operator, Orange Belgium, is set to offer its business customers one of the world’s leading enterprise mobile messaging platforms following an agreement with global innovator Soprano Design.

Orange’s Belgium enterprise customers will have access to award-winning SOPRANO MEMS (Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite), a sophisticated cloud enterprise messaging solution used today by more than 30 of the Fortune Global 500 companies.

MEMS will allow Orange Belgium to offer to its business customers a compelling enterprise-grade mobile messaging application platform for interactive SMS and email.

SOPRANO MEMS is currently deployed in some of the most complex enterprise and government IT environments in the world, enabling large mobile messaging deployments in a variety of industries including package delivery, healthcare, finance and banking, retail, hospitality, transport, and workforce management.

The workflow and productivity benefits of MEMS include:

  • Supports outbound and inbound application-to-peer (A2P) mobile messaging, with robust capabilities for integrated SMS, MMS, voice, and location-based encrypted messaging (e.g., handles incoming messages sent by users and automatically sorts and responds based on your defined parameters)
  • Can consolidate marketing, contracting, sales, customer service, operations, and HR communication requirements onto one platform for fast, reliable, improved interactions
  • Uses a hierarchical platform design that enables powerful user account controls based on role, region, or division
  • Can provide ‘master’ access for enterprise IT administrators/owners
  • Provides restricted user access (based on role, region, or level)
  • Allows hierarchical data and visibility management: create different views for operators, customers, sub-customers, and users
  • Generates limited or full-visibility reports

Read more about our partnership with Orange, or learn more about Soprano MEMS.