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RCS Messaging

Enhanced Mobile Interactions With RCS Messaging

Send richer, more impactful and engaging mobile interactions with the same global reach as SMS

What You Can Do With RCS Business Messaging

Deliver feature-rich, personalised and interactive experiences using the ubiquity and reliability of a text message


RCS is the next generation of SMS, enhancing one of the most effective and reliable communication channels for businesses. It offers the best aspects of SMS with a range of rich media tools to improve engagement and interaction. Soprano is an official partner of Google RCS Business Messaging.


Deliver more impactful, intuitive and engaging interactions to customers. RCS offers text functions just as SMS does, but with an array of additional communication and multimedia capabilities. If a device doesn’t support RCS, we automatically convert the message into an MMS or SMS.


Access insights previously unavailable to text messaging. View precise open and read rates as well as on screen event tracking. See what resonates with your audience in real-time and improve how your business communicates.

Sms Rcs Messaging Compare

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Quick-reply buttons allows recipients to respond without typing
  • Include video, images and audio in messages
  • Include carousel rich cards that communicate a high volume of information in one message
  • Integrate with features like maps and calendars
  • Send personalised messages for maximum engagement
  • Tailor the experience based on what the recipient engages with
  • See exactly when messages are delivered, read and behavioural data
  • Non-RCS phones automatically receive fall-back SMS messages
  • Automate responses, questions and reactions with pre-programmed messages
  • RCS messages can be branded, include a logo and customise colours
  • Show a verification icon to increase trust

The Future of Business Messaging


Engage and interact in real-time by using chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) when a user engages with a RCS message.


Allow customers to monitor their orders, modify them and place additional orders directly from an RCS message.


Only verified businesses can send RCS messages, increasing trust and engagement. Alert account holders and confirm their identity.


Use RCS to send deals offering not only brand imagery but also media including maps and directions to your location.

RCS messaging example

Effortless engagement with RCS Messaging APIs

Our RCS solution is one part of our omni-channel platform. Create RCS messages using the drag and drop editor and send RCS messages to RCS-enabled devices. Use the same APIs available for SMS, including REST, HTTPS, SMPP, SMTP, and WSDL

Soprano Connect Api En
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