Optimising Workflows with Mobile Messaging: A Guide for Healthcare Organisations

Optimise Workflows With Mobile Messaging

We’re all familiar with workflows, no matter what they’re called—processes, procedures, routines, courses of action—and that improving them can save us time and money.

But do you know how to use mobile technology to make your workflows more efficient? Do you even know where to start?

 A 2014 study found that just three common healthcare workflows cost hospitals in the United States around $1.75 million per year.

How much are your inefficiencies costing you every day? It’s time for another look at workflows in healthcare and how they’re affected by emerging technologies.

In this whitepaper, we’ll cover:

  • Workflow basics: What they are and why they matter
  • How to analyse your own workflows to find opportunities to introduce mobile technology for efficiency gains
  • How mobile workflow optimisation opens new possibilities for healthcare workflow productivity