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Two-Way Mobile Interactions in Healthcare

To reduce the number of missed appointments

Real Time Communications In Post Covid19 Era

Too much money is being wasted in the healthcare sector because of missed medical appointments.

What does this mean for your practice?

  • Higher costs
  • Lower patient engagement
  • Lower patient satisfaction

The strain of missed medical appointments are echoed worldwide. Patient no-shows lead to delays in treatment, longer wait times for appointments for other patients and astronomical costs for medical practices.

Soprano’s appointment reminder helps medical practices to reduce no-shows rate, improving overall efficiency and patient engagement. In fact, one clinical practice experienced an increase of 85% in patient response.

Two way messaging has already proven to reduce missed medical appointment rates by up to 39%, easing communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Discover the benefits of Two-way Messaging:

  • Reduce Phone Calls
    Save time and resources by reducing the number of manual phone calls to patients.
  • Improve Patient Engagement
    Send appointment reminders automatically and receive responses automatically to save time and help patients follow their care plans.
  • Save cost
    Why continue to pay for rising postage rates when you can use Soprano’s automated mobile messaging for patients’ medical appointments, health records, new treatment alerts, and reminder to pick up medication from a pharmacy.
  • Bulk messaging
    Reach all or groups of patients with important information like updated office hours and health testing services.