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Soprano Delivers NSW High School Certificate Results Flawlessly Through Mobile Messaging

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By Miraza Dean, Customer Service Lead

Do you remember the nerves that moved through your body waiting for a test result in high school?

Every passing minute and day felt like an eternity. Luckily, I wasn’t on the receiving end this time.

Soprano completed another amazing annual delivery of the New South Wales High School Certificate (HSC) results. Early Thursday morning, Soprano helped deliver the results to around 76,000 individual Year 12 students across the state of NSW in Australia using SMS and email. 

The feeling on our team was electric and we empathized with all the emotions that would come after the delivery. We’ve worked with the NSW Education Standards Authority for nine years providing these exam results and I’ll speak for myself – it doesn’t get any easier to pull off year after year.

However, we were thrilled about another successful year of providing multiple channels to deliver these students their results.

Our team was up at 4 a.m. preparing ahead of broadcasting the results at 5 a.m. 

I am impressed by the team’s dedication and commitment and would like to recognize their efforts. Similarly, I want to show my appreciation of the quality work they produce which is impeccable.

Performing for this event involves a lot of preparation, testing and coordination. It required us to handle very sensitive student data and secure it ahead of releasing the results – all while NESA continues to test, access and update the data while marks are audited, reviewed and corrected.

I like to compare it to Soprano running the voting on Australian Idol – both events are deemed mission-critical with such reliance and confidence of Soprano’s capabilities. In both instances, we achieved wonderful results.

Our team had to adapt again this year given the pandemic circumstances. The delivery event was originally scheduled for Monday, January 24, but NESA and the Ministry of Education requested it be brought earlier to January 20. As expected, the team rose to the challenge and delivered.

It brings us great joy to know that each one of these students were communicated in ways that were personalized which resulted in a meaningful interaction through mobile communication.

At the end of the day, we didn’t feel the rush of emotions these students felt, but the rush of adrenaline we all had when it was go-time continues to make this education use case one of my favorite events at Soprano.

Cheers to a successful year, NSW high school students and soon-to-be graduates!