Soprano and Ultra-Pacific Mobile Commerce Partnership

Soprano today announced with Ultra-Pacific Pty Ltd the availability of a new mobile commerce product that simplifies product purchasing at various points of sale. Thanks to patented voice-based technology from Ultra-Pacific and mobile network technology from Soprano, any mobile phone can be used to purchase products from vending machines or even over the counter quickly and easily.

Soprano Finance Business Development Manager, Mr. Helmut Marschall, said the introduction of the new system resolves many user interface and purchase flow issues compared to other mobile commerce implementations.

“Whilst everyone in the industry has looked at mobile commerce from different angles, we think we have a real breakthrough,” Mr. Marschall said.

“By using this solution, intending purchasers will have a simple means to buy products using any mobile phone. In doing so, they can get the added convenience of an optional calorie counter message on their phone and a receipt on their mobile phone bill,” Mr. Marschall said.

“With this technology any person can walk straight up to a vending machine with the M-Pay device fitted on the outside, and in a few seconds walk away with their purchase. At the point of purchase, a few seconds of sound is sent through the phone’s ear-piece which is held close to the M-Pay device. The M-Pay device accepts the payment by communicating with the phone using sound and then authorises the vending machine to dispense the product.

“The technology means that the specific vending machine does not have to be fitted with a GSM device which can be expensive. It can also be used in a large range of wireless applications including identification, ticketing, over-the-counter sales, and parking,” Mr Marschall said.

“We are very happy to be working in the Asia Pacific with Soprano who are leaders in mobile network technology innovations. We are excited that with this announcement we can quickly take our innovative patented technology to what will very soon become the largest mobile market in the world,” Ultra-Pacific Australia Director, Mr Gregor Breznik said.

“Soprano’s vision is to innovate mobile technology applications that enhance people’s experiences with information and transactional management to location based services and provide real value to the mobile consumer,” Soprano Managing Director, Mr Richard Favero said.

“This announcement is vindication of our strategy to bring together information, location and commerce using mobile technology and providing a compelling advantage for all involved. To be a leader in mobile technology applications requires advanced skills in all three areas,” Mr Favero said.

Soprano Vice President Asia Pacific, Mr Rob Hellstrom, said the announcement is one of a continuing number planned for the next quarter which will further demonstrate the real opportunities that exist for the much maligned mobile telecommunications sector. Mr. Hellstrom is confident that the combination of Ultra-Pacific’s technology and Soprano’s technology will be of great value in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Soprano maintains an approach of providing appropriate mobile solutions and products within the confines of the capabilities of today’s mobile phones. Mobile services available today are only scratching the surface of what can be done even on today’s mobile phone,” Mr Hellstrom said.

“Soprano is readying more product and pilot announcements that use existing and the next generation of handsets,” Mr Hellstrom said.

“Outside Australia, Soprano has opened offices in Asia and Europe and intends to continue to take capabilities and successes demonstrated in the local market into its growth markets,” Mr Hellstrom said.