Soprano Design Announces New ‘Lite’ Version of CPG Product

SOPRANO CGP Lite is a one-stop turnkey solution for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages across multi-operator SMSC, MMSC and WAP infrastructure.

The telecommunications industry has been focused on delivering wireless data solutions to the consumer sector for some years. Globally, carriers now recognise that significant growth can be achieved from the enterprise sector through wireless-enablement of enterprise IT systems, of which a key component is messaging. For their part, enterprises are beginning to realise the value of wireless support systems to improve operations and customer management, and the prospect of widespread acceptance of MMS offers even more opportunities than were available with SMS. Current enterprise messaging solutions are generally focused on delivery of group SMS from a carrier-resident or aggregator-resident server. For medium and large enterprises, existing solutions suffer from reliability and performance issues (slow web interfaces), privacy and security issues (customer information is copied outside the enterprise) and cost problems (cross-carrier messaging surcharges).

SOPRANO’s release of CGP Lite offers medium and large enterprises an immediate solution to these problems through an affordable stand-alone carrier-grade messaging gateway, configured for enterprise applications such as workforce automation and customer relationship management. CGP Lite brings the added benefits of integration within the existing enterprise IT installation, minimizing risks to privacy and security of customer information. Additional benefits include superior control of message queues, prioritization and the ability to connect to any number of carriers to take advantage of different message-pricing packages.

With this feature packed hardware and software solution, SOPRANO allows enterprises to setup, configure and run mobile messaging services faster than ever before, using connections into multiple mobile network operators. Existing information systems may have mobile messaging added through CGP Lite’s broad range of client interfaces. These interfaces include mobile telephony standards such as SMPP as well as web based standards such as SOAP (XML), Microsoft Outlook and HTML.

There is almost no limit to the services which can be offered through the platform; mobile advertising, polling, voting, email-to-SMS/MMS, dispatching to a mobile workforce, share price alerts and so on.

Delivering messages to a heterogeneous customer population can be very complex, involving SMSC, MMSC and WAP environments across at least three mobile network operators in any one country. “SOPRANO CGP Lite eliminates this complexity, and introduces other cost-savings through our unique Least-Cost Routing (LCR), message prioritisation and throttling capabilities. Armed with these competitive advantages, our customers can rapidly deploy revenue-making messaging services, such as games and lifestyle content,” said founder and CEO of SOPRANO Design, Dr Richard Favero. “These fashion-related services often have a very short shelf life but generate high customer response levels during their peaks of popularity.”

SOPRANO CGP Lite comes in four rack-optimised models, ranging in throughput from 0.5 messages per second to 5 messages per second (the standard version of SOPRANO CGP can be scaled to support up to 10,000 messages per second). SOPRANO CGP Lite is shipping now.

SOPRANO CGP Lite is distributed worldwide directly by SOPRANO and through a network of SOPRANO Business Partners.