Soprano Partners With TynTec to Provide Mobile Banking

Soprano Design, the leading provider of mobile enterprise messaging infrastructure and applications, today announced that it will partner with mobile messaging services provider TynTec ( for the delivery of mobile financial services globally. This partnership will bring to market a joint text transmission and mobile banking applications solution to all financial institutions worldwide.

Soprano’s mobile finance product, the SOPRANO Mobile Financial Suite (MFS), provides financial institutions with a ready-to-use and simple-to-integrate mobile financial application suite. This includes text banking, mobile internet banking, J2ME banking, real time and configurable alerting engine, 2-factor authentication, mobile payment and P2P stored value account transaction engine.

TynTec operates a unique, high quality SMS transmission service using a portfolio of connections to the global telecoms infrastructure (SS7) and a purpose-built operator grade SMS-Centre. This unique setup enables TynTec to offer a strict SLA to its customers, providing a new level of timeliness, quality and visibility. TynTec’s infrastructure and rigorous SLAs match the expectations of financial institutions seeking absolute assurance on the delivery of SMS.

Richard Favero, CEO of Soprano Design, said: “The partnership with TynTec ensures that our customers can deliver mobile messages more reliably to more locations with our proven integration and financial applications. The joint, pre-integrated and validated solution for the financial services market means financial institutions can focus on their customer value rather than the application connectivity and text delivery.”

Markus Kramer, Head Enterprise Messaging of TynTec, said: “For global financial institutions the delivery and privacy of any form of personal data takes high priority. It is absolutely crucial for these organisations to be certain that their SMS is delivered securely within a specified period of time, which TynTec can ensure thanks to our unique infrastructure. By partnering with Soprano Design we can make the most of our high quality SMS offering by providing a complete financial services package, complete with mobile application suite.”