Soprano Parking Wins The Consensus Software Award

SOPRANO Parking unleashes the payment capabilities of mobile phones and removes the need for fiddly coin searches.

SOPRANO Parking can support single-bay, multi-bay, pay-and-display and even installations without any physical parking meter or marked spots (virtual parking meter).

SOPRANO Parking offers additional services to drivers: drivers can be alerted about approaching expiry and drivers can enquiry about the location of their car. These extra services may or may not be chargeable.

“Soprano’s vision is to innovate mobile technology with applications that enhance people’s experiences with information and transactional management to location based services and provide real value to the mobile consumer.” Soprano Managing Director, Dr Richard Favero said.

“Soprano maintains an approach of providing appropriate mobile solutions and products within the confines of the capabilities of today’s mobile phones. Mobile services available today are only scratching the surface of what can be done even on today’s mobile phone.” Soprano Business Manager, Mr Arjumand Choudhry said.

“Outside Australia, Soprano has opened offices in Japan and Europe and intends to continue to take capabilities and successes demonstrated in the local market into its growth markets.” Mr Choudhry said.