SOPRANO Office Mobile Service enhanced to support Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Soprano Design Limited, the world’s leading enterprise messaging accelerator for mobile network operators (MNOs), has announced SMS and MMS support for Microsoft Office 2010 and SMS support for SharePoint 2010 with the SOPRANO Mobile Service (OMS).

SOPRANO OMS was initially launched in March 2009 with SMS and MMS messaging support for Outlook 2007 and following the release of Microsoft Office 2010 earlier this week, has been enhanced to support Microsoft Outlook 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

SOPRANO OMS simplifies business communication processes by enabling users to send SMS and MMS messages from the Outlook address book and calendar, replies will be received in the sender’s inbox. By adding mobile messaging capability to email, businesses benefit from having an additional channel for rapid and mass communications. SOPRANO OMS can be used to automate time consuming business processes and drive efficiencies to save businesses both time and money.

“Mobile messaging is fast and cost effective. SMS and MMS broadcasts, meeting requests and calendar reminders can be sent in less time and cost than it takes to make a voice call, enabling more people to be reached and responses received in a shorter time frame.” said Peter Cleary, Product Manager, Soprano Design. “According to a survey conducted by 160 Characters, 84% of survey respondents will reply to an SMS within 5 minutes as apposed to waiting until the next day with emails. This makes mobile communications ideal for time sensitive communications or when an immediate response is needed.”

SOPRANO OMS is the first mobile service in Australia to support both SMS and MMS messaging functionality in Microsoft’s Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. SOPRANO OMS is able to rapidly enable SMS and MMS messaging capability for thousands of Microsoft Outlook users in a matter of moments and offers full message tracking, reporting and cost centre controls.

About SOPRANO Outlook Mobile Service

SOPRANO Office Mobile Service (OMS) is completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 allowing businesses to add mobile messaging functionality to existing office email and collaboration tools rapidly and without an additional software installation. As a business productivity tool, SOPRANO Office Mobile Service utilises Outlook’s existing Drafts, Sent Items and Inbox folders to schedule and send SMS reminders, communicate vital time-sensitive information and send calendar updates via SMS. It only takes a click to turn-on OMS from a SOPRANO MEMS account.